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Children of the Tipi Series-Tipi: Home of the Nomadic Buffalo Hunters

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I’m so excited to share this book with you this week and during Native American Heritage month.  It is one that has inspired my little “building boy” for years.

Tipi: Home of the Nomadic Buffalo Hunters by Paul Goble is creative and sacred journey into the world of the Native Americans of the Plains and the art and craft of constructing tipis. For the Plains Indian tribes, building tipis were more than just building a home but an expression of their religious beliefs as well.


Mr. Goble takes us through the process using engaging stories…


…exquisite artwork, and step by step tutorials on how to not only build a tipi but how to gather the poles, create and paint the tipi covering called a parfleche as well as how to fold and pack your parfleche to get ready to travel.



Paul Goble goes through each Plain tribe and shows variations to their tipi constructions and beautiful parfleche designs.



Something To Do:

We really wanted to create our own tipi but after looking into it was a rather large endeavor. Instead we went to the Wisdom Tales Website and downloaded their tipi patterns. I then took it to Staples and had it blown up 300x on engineering/architecture paper. Using the book Tipi: Home of the Nomadic Buffalo Hunters we sat down for an afternoon of creative tipi fun. A few days later we cut them all out and put them outside under our favorite tree to make a Native American Tipi village. It’s since come inside and is giving everyone many hours of fun.

Tipi Print out #1

Tipi Print out #2








What kind of tipi can your family build at home?

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