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The Mesmerizing Storytelling of Clay Rice: Author and Silhouette Artist

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A while back I walked into our very lovely local toy store only to discover  Clay Rice, Author and Silhouette Artist, sitting there doing silhouette’s and later a book signing. He was simply captivating.

Clay Rice

Clay Rice is part of a multi-generational silhouette artisan family. Captivated by his grandfather’s work, he learned the art literally at his feet. Clay has been a professional silhouette artist for more than 30 years, touring the United States each spring and fall.

Each profile silhouette takes Clay about 1 minute and he estimates that in his 32 year career, he has cut over 900,000 silhouettes. Clay’s nationwide following has families flocking to have this talented artist create keepsake silhouettes and to have him sign copies of his award-winning children’s book, The Lonely Shadow. In a single year, Clay cuts 10,000 children’s silhouettes from living sittings and in his studio.

Clay Rice

I’m happy to introduce you to both of Clay’s books;

The Lonely Shadow

The Lonely Shadow

Mama, Let’s Make a Moon


The Lonely Shadow

Drawing from his singer/song-writer background, Clay drew from the rhythms of song-writing to create this lyrical, kind and simple tale of friendship. It’s a story about a shadow of a boy in search of something. As he walks he sings a song:

“I have no you

you have no me,

you and me

we have no we,

but if I find you

and you find me,

Happy we will always be.”

The longing and looking for something, the discovery of what one is looking for evolves into a story of friendship. Clay’s incredible character and landscape silhouette’s illustrate the story throughout.

silhouette1             silhouette2



Mama, Let’s Make a Moon

We love this story. It left us wanting to make a moon. This story takes a humble mountain family, like maybe one near us in the Smoky Mountains, who decide to make a moon. The fun begins with the brother and sister of this story collecting the ingredients. The “Recipe For A Moon” include the most unique things: A stream full of silver, a swan’s starry shine, 2 possum’s paws of dream dust from the imagination mine. Along the way we learn about love and the joy of making something together.

“Mama, let’s make a moon’

It won’t cost too much.

We’ll use second-hand stardust

And leftover love;

we’ll stuff it with silly

And marshmallow goo

And paint it with promise.

Mama, let’s make a moon.” 


silhouette4              silhouette5

silhouette6     silhouette7

To view more of Clay’s magic, visit his website or watch some of his videos on how he creates these unique works of art.

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