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Flashback on The Foxes {And a The Fox Diaries Special Sale}

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That’s all I can say! Snow has been falling like mad, the temps have been dropping, and school has been closed for numerous days. Who ordered this Polar Vortex anyway? 😉

As I sit huddled in sweats and fuzzy slippers, it’s easy to let my thoughts wander to Spring. And Spring at our house means Foxes! As you may know, my journey as a writer, blogger, author and publisher began with the adventure of having a fox family move into our residential are yard years ago.

The Fox Diaries

The Fox Diaries

The Fox Diaries

In those early years, my family would be mesmerized by the antics of Mama Rennie and her silly fox kits. I would blog about these fox adventures and observations every Thursday and HUNDREDS of readers would show up to read the latest installment on that day. Soon {thanks to encouragement from friends, family and my readers} my thoughts turned to creating a children’s book to capture the magic of these Fox antics. Teaming up with my friends and amazing book designer Roscoe Welply, I used those precious adventures and observations to create my best selling books The Fox Diaries: The Year The Foxes Came to Our Garden.

The Fox Diaries

That was back in 2009 when the foxes first arrived in my yard.  To this day I am enamored with this special connection I feel with these beautiful animals and the interactions I have had with them. When I sit with them, it’s as if time stopped and the veil between being human and animal is lifted.  I now view both the foxes and myself as sharing the same home, the same world.

Then came Fox Batch #2. And Fox Batch #3 and then Batch #4!  And this year we predict the adventures and memories will continue! You can read more about the Spring 2013 Fox kits, Smudge, Styx and Skye HERE.

The Fox Diaries

The Fox Diaries

NOW my beloved Fox Diaries book has evolved into an ebook for e-readers to enjoy AND from January 30th to February 1 it is only 99 cents on iBooks and Nook!

Th Fox Diaries


I know your family will enjoy these “Fox moments” like my family did and it’s always a great opportunity to teach your children about nature and the wonderful world we live in. I hope you enjoy reading your copy!

As always, thank you for your support (the foxes say “thank you” too) and watch for more fox updates to come in the Spring of 2014!

Want to know more about our “Fox-Filled Spring?” Ask me questions on the comment box below and let me know if you’d like to see more of these delightful creatures who reside in our garden.