Family Book Festival

Family Book Festival: Guest Post from Your Modern Family

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Family Book Festival
With the winter doldrums kicking in and families getting restless from being trapped indoors, we thought this would be a perfect time to create a Family Book Festival. And what better way to create a list of books to include in our Family Book Festival is to ask fellow writers, authors, and bloggers for their favorite childhood book favorites along with some matching activities.

So throughout the month of February, we will be enlisting the help, thoughts, and opinions from our participants on what books they remember the most from childhood, and what books are family favorites now. My thought is that this compilation of books, favorite reads, and activities will provide not only a new reading list for the winter, but a sweet walk down memory lane for parents that will last the whole month of February.

I am so excited to welcome Becky Mansfield from Your Modern Family to our Family Book Festival


From Becky:
A book can impact you in more ways than you think.
1- It bonds your family when you read them to your children.
2- They are introduced to so many new words and it helps to build their vocabulary.
3- The illustrations provoke creative thinking.
4- Stories lead to other activities, like changing the ending, writing a story, making a recipe or creating a great art project.
Growing up, I had a favorite book: But No Elephants, by Jerry Smith.  It was one that my parents read to my brother and I… a lot.  We were always wanting to read this book!   My parents actually found new copies of the book and gave them to our kids, as well as to my brother’s kids.
becky m
Our kids now love this book and it has become their favorite, as well.   I can’t tell you the number of times that we have read it already!
I think that they love it so much because of the repetitive phrase through the book: But No Elephants!  They get ready to say it before it is even time, just waiting for the chance to yell out that phrase.  haha!
I feel like anytime that a book can bring a family together, you should embrace it.  If you have just a minute to hop onto your couch and snuggle up together, reading a great book, take that opportunity & run with it!
After reading this book, we like to ‘create’ things for their new elephant retreat (if you have read the book, you will see that in the end, Granny takes in the elephant and all of their elephant friends.  They move far away to a place where all of the elephants are welcome.)
So, we are going to welcome them with our creations!  We take out our DIY creativity kit and we create welcome pictures for the elephants and we make things for them.  The kids love to create art from our kit filled with odds and ends.
Here are a few pictures from that activity:
I hope that this inspires you to read and create a project of your own!  Enjoy!
Becky Picture 250X250Becky is a certified play therapist and an author and Mom to four beautiful children.  Her blog Your Modern Family she shares tips for running an organized home, raising kids, cooking kid-friendly meals & learning new ways to save money! You can connect with Becky on her website or on Facebook.

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    1. I know! I thought the same thing! bright colors and little kids make for some magical fun 🙂

  1. Becky, you have a beautiful family (looks like one little princess in the pack lol) 😀 The activity looks like so much fun! Lots of colorful things to create with! Thanks for sharing all of it, including the book 🙂

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