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Tenzin’s Deer by Barbara Soros #kidlit Review and Activities

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Tenzin’s Deer by Barbara Soros has been laying on my “to read pile” for quite awhile now. What a gem of a little book this is.
“A story about the power of compassion,
the guidance of dreams, the gift of healing and the
ability to love deeply and to let go. “
Tenzin, a young, loving boy who cares for all of earth’s creatures, one day finds a wounded Musk Deer with an arrow in its side. With his compassionate heart, he cannot simply leave this innocent deer to die, but he does not know how to help her.
tenzin 4
The deer, who he soon names Jamba, speaks to him saying that the answer will come to him in a dream. And so all the answers he needs to heal Jamba completely come to him in a dream. He heals her everyday during the Tibetan people’s prayer time, praying too for his new friend. As Jamba grows stronger, she and Tenzin form a bond and  become the best of friends.
tenzin 2
They are seen everywhere together, until one night in a dream, Jamba tells Tenzin that it is time for her to go back to the wild. This breaks Tenzin’s heart, the thought of losing his best friend. But he knows she is right. The next day, Tenzin releases Jamba to her natural environment to be free like she was meant to be. But they never forgot each other, and Jamba still visits Tenzin in his dreams, praying, “May no harm come to you. May you be at peace. And may your eyes be deep like the sea, your heart be solid like a mountain and your mind be free like the sky.”
tenzin 3

This endearing story like prayer in motion. From the beautiful illustrations to the very well written words, Tenzin’s Deer takes us on a journey of compassion, loving kindness, and healing. The stunning illustrations were done by Danuta Mayer who herself is a great animal lover and has shown much compassion by having an animal refuge in her home. Her illustrations to this book have a level of storytelling which grabs the heart. We just stared at every little detail in her paintings. Each time we find something new that we hadn’t seen before.

As with all Barefoot Books, the tale of Tenzin’s Deer is absolutely beautiful with an educational undertone. Tenzin’s compassion displays an excellent example for children, and his selflessness teaches a wonderful lesson. But this story also teaches us about the beautiful Tibetan culture, everything from its meaningful prayers to its healing ways. Paired with beautiful, boldly colored illustrations, Tenzin’s Deer is a story to share with everyone.

Something To Do:

How to Make Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tibetan Prayer Flags

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Tibetan Prayer Flags for Purchase.

Facts about Musk Deer

musk deer

photo source

Because of their scent glands that give many of our colognes and perfumes their musky smell, Musk Deer are poached and becoming close to being endangered. How can you help? Well, we can’t exactly go over to Asia and stop the poaching ourselves, now can we? So here is the alternative…stop buying musky perfumes. Tell mom or dad that they are hurting innocent, wild animals. This is an easy way to help these animals from your own home! Learn more HERE.
musk deer
Magical creatures of the Himalaya’s coloring pages and story:
Magical Animals of the Himalayas HERE.
Enjoy your journey into Tenzin’s Deer !!!
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  1. Valarie, not only does this look like a beautifully done book, but I’m especially happy to learn about the musk deer and musk fragrances. I am chemically sensitive (extremely) for decades now, so I react to fragrances (including natural odors) in debilitating ways. Anything about synthetic fragrances (loaded with toxins) I can learn is helpful, so whenever the subject comes up, I can offer more valuable info.

    When I was a teenager and not sensitive yet, I wore musk fragrances. Had I known it came from a deer’s glands, I highly doubt I would’ve used it. Of course, back then I paid attention to NONE of the ingredients in the many products we use!

    Thanks for the excellent review and info 😀

  2. I adore Barefoot Books, they are always so beautifully illustrated and allow you to explore new places and cultures without patronising children. I have already fallen in love with the stunning illustrations and would love to add this story of compassion, love and caring to our little library. Thank you so much for joining in with #kidsbookaweek. I run the linky every Wednesday and you are very welcome to pop over and link up. I love to see what you are reading 🙂

  3. Sounds like a lovely story, and the illustrations are wonderful. What a great idea, to provide info and activity links that tie into the story.

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