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Be a Dream Collector with the BFG

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Sophie later learned that the BFG ( Big Friendly Giant) was a dream collector.
She took him with her in the pale country where you can hear dreams sailing along.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“We is in Dream Country.” the BFG said. “This is where all dreams is beginning.”

Eons ago, when our kids where still little, it was not a rare occurrence for many of us to hear the sounds of little feet running down the hallway into our bedrooms, only to be greeted with a frightened voice saying, “ I had a bad dream.”

Let us not forget the “midnight holler” either.  “MOM, Mom, I had a bad dream!” Remembering back to those precious days and nights, it was always my big feet are running down the hallway in the dark.

Many years ago I read Roald Dahl’s book The BFG to my children.

Big Friendly Giant

When orphan Sophie is snatched from her bed by a Giant, she fears that he’s going to eat her. But although he carries her far away to Giant Country, the Giant has no intention of harming her. As he explains, in his unique way of talking, “I is the only nice and jumbly Giant in Giant Country! I is THE BIG FRIENDLY GIANT! I is the BFG.” The BFG tells Sophie how he mixes up dreams to blow through a trumpet into the rooms of sleeping children. But soon, all the BFG’s powers are put to the test as he and Sophie battle to stop the other Giants from tucking into the children of the world. The RAF and even the Queen become involved in the mission.   [from]

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Wouldn’t all of us wish for a giant who blows good dreams upon sleeping little children from his dream jar? Why couldn’t we wish for something so splendid? We might be short on BFG’s but I was sure that I could whip up something wonderful in the way of a dream jar.

Something To Do

Every night one or two dream wishes are written on a slip of paper and placed into the jar. At the end of the year we take all of our dream slips and place them in a clear jar with the year clearly marked on it. Placed on a shelf in the bookcase, our jar becomes a testament to great sleep and wonderful dream collecting.

Dream Jars

Dream Jars


  • 1 quart mason or canning jar with lid
  • 1 sheet of tissue paper any color
  • Mod Podge or other decoupage medium
  • Sponge brush
  • Assorted stickers and lettering
  • Paper cut into strips


Rip the sheet of tissue paper into medium-sized pieces.


Wrinkle all of the pieces of tissue paper after you’ve ripped them into the desired sizes.

With your sponge brush, brush one small section of the jar from the top to the bottom. Place tissue paper over the glued section.

Brush decoupage glue over the tissue paper.

Move on to the next section of the jar and repeat until the jar is completely finished. Let dry completely.

Once the jar is dry, place the letter stickers on one side of the jar to spell the word “dream.” On the back side of your jar put an assortment of stickers that make you happy.


Our children have such fond memories of making their dream jars. A few I’ve seen go off to college as “nostalgia” and others are still in active use. Our eldest daughter uses her dream jar to place her affirmations and life-list items. On the lid of her jar she has written, “To be read daily.”

For some of the children in this house “bad dreams” are a thing of the past but many a rainy afternoon sees them reading their collected dreams of years gone by.

If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that we don’t need a big friendly giant to send us our good dreams. We can all become collectors of great dreams. Just be sure to share them wildly.

Here’s wishing you many happy and wonderful dreams!

Cut small strips of paper to leave beside your jar with a pen or pencil for nightly dream wishes.

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  1. Valarie, I didn’t know what THE BFG was about ’til your review, so thank you 😀 It immediately brought to mind the Native American “dreamcatcher” which I, though I certainly don’t believe in, but love the idea behind them (, have one hanging here! I used to have it hanging over my bed (it looked so pretty), but it unexpectedly fell on my boyfriend’s head so I had to move it lol Love your dream jar, too!

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