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An Interview with Nine-Year Old Super Reader Faith Jackson

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Every so often, my attention is drawn to young readers and writers doing amazing things. That is exactly the case with 9 year-old Faith Jackson. Faith is an avid reader…well…MORE than an avid reader! So far young Faith has finished over 700 books since July 1st 2013!! Amazing!

Let’s get to know Faith with a little “Q&A.” Welcome Faith!

Faith Jackson

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Share with us a little bit about your background (where you are from, what grade you are in, hobbies, family, pets etc.)

I live in England, with my mum, dad, sister and 2 brothers,in a small village that has just one shop, one church and one pub. I know nearly everyone who lives here, and they know me! I am 9, and in year 5 of primary school, which means I have 1 year left before high school! When I’m not reading – which isn’t often – I do gymnastics, netball, karate and learn to play the drums.


Tell us a little about your reading journey. What inspired you to read, why you like it so much, and how many books you have read so far?

Mummy reading to me made me want to read but, I found it really hard until I was about 7. Reading is fun, it’s hard to explain why I like it so much, I love escaping into other worlds. We are counting to see how many books I read in 1 year. There are still 6 weeks to go but, I have already finished over 700 books since July 1st 2013.


As an avid reader, who would you consider your mentor?  

My mum, because she helps me and doesn’t force me to read, and because she reads a lot too. I have lots of books that were hers when she was a little girl.


How do you go about selecting your next book to read?

If I’m reading a series, I just go onto the next one. Or I might look for another book by one of my favourite authors. I go to the library, and to charity shops,  and to bookshops, just see what looks good!


Are there any young authors you admire?

I have read The Adventures Of Tomato And Pea by Erik Weibel who is only 14 and Firefall, The School For Dragons by Sophie Quay-Clark who was only 7 when she wrote it, I’m so impressed to know that such young people have become authors.

Adventures of Tomato and Pea


Who’s your favorite adult author?

I can’t choose just one, its just TOO hard but, I absolutely love Cressida Cowell, Enid Blyton, Holly Webb and Jacqueline Wilson


What do you like to do when you’re not reading?

I do lots of activities and, I like playing with my friends, looking after babies and animals, and watching TV.


Do you see yourself writing a book someday?

I don’t know because I think I have a good imagination, and love telling myself stories in my head but, I don’t much like writing them down.


Tell us about your family and what they think of your amazing reading aspirations.

I think my 2 little brothers just like that I read to them, my mum and dad are really proud, my sister is impressed but sometimes gets annoyed when I read instead of playing with her and, I don’t think my cats care very much.


Do you have any suggestions for other kids who don’t like reading that much?

Get your parents to read to you and, whatever your favourite thing is – rockets, fairies, sports whatever, find books about that! Don’t MAKE yourself read, it’s FUN, find things that YOU think ate fun to read about!

Faith Jackson Reading


What do you think makes a good story?  

I like books with magic, or adventures, or animals in them but actually there aren’t many books I won’t read.


What are your goals (reading or otherwise) in the next year?  Until I find out my total, for reading in one year, I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll try to beat that total!


What would you like Jump Into a Book readers to know about you?

I don’t just read, I have a really busy life but, because I think reading is so much fun, I always make time for it.


You can connect with Faith on Twitter {@272BookFaith}

To learn more about Faith, click HERE, HERE, and HERE to read newspaper articles about her.

3 thoughts on “An Interview with Nine-Year Old Super Reader Faith Jackson

  1. Oh, I just love hearing about this, Valarie 🙂

    And, Faith, you really ARE a super reader! SO many books! I wish I could read that fast! lol And you also might want to read young author Felicia’s book The Perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets. Here’s her website: http :// www .stanley andkatrina. com/ (remove the spaces from the link) Great stuff! 🙂 And something tells me there may come a time you may not mind so much actually writing down your stories 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this, gals!

    1. Ha! Faith aged you a couple of years, Erik. 🙂 It is hard to believe you are only 12, even for those of us who know you. We love following all of Faith’s reading adventures. Congratulations on reading 700 books and enjoy the remaining books you have to read for the rest of the month.Thanks for the shout-out, Donna Marie, for Felicia’s book. Does Faith read e-books? We would be happy to send her an e-copy of Felicia’s book. Either way, have a super, terrific rest of the week, all!
      Happy Reading!

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