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The “Leaves” of The A-Z Summer Reading Tree (The 2014 Edition!)

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The Summer Reading Tree

It’s no surprise that reading is a huge part of our summer and I know that is also the case with many of our readers. At Jump Into a Book we are always looking for ways to encourage families to “pull books off shelves and stories off pages.”

Books can be more than print on paper.

They can be invitations to new worlds and lively adventures,

and ones that can be enjoyed as a family unit.

The following is a short, simple list of tips, ideas, activities, and booklists to help reinforce summer in a fun, interactive, and family-orientated way.


The Leaves of the A-Z Book Jumper Tree

A. A summer of reading starts Special Reading Place. Where’s yours?

B. Be a Dream Collector (with some help from a Big Friendly Giant).

C. Challenge yourself: Try a new skill or craft.

D. Discover the wonders of the sky and space.

E. Explore your world with my Read Around the Continents series of booklists

F. Fight for what’s right Stand Tall against bullying.

G. Go Rediscover the Library: Check out your local library and sign up for kid’s reading hour.

H. Have a books swap and trade books with friends.

I. Investigate a good mystery!

J. Jump Into a Book-Create a fun bookjump with Wee Gillis.

K. Knights! Learn about Knights and Princesses and times long ago.

L. Love Louis Sachar? Here are some “Holes” inspired activities!

M. Multicultural children’s books are so important these days. Kids need to see themselves within the pages of a book. Here is a HUGE booklist that involve diversity in children’s literature.

N. Nature, Nature, Nature: There are soooo many amazing books and activities for kids about Nature!

O. Oceans away! Discover great books about pirates and our oceans.

P. Poems, Poems, and more Poems!

R. Read Around the Continents: Visit places like South America and Africa through the pages of a book.

S. Scissors! Ever tried “Painting With Scissors” with Henri Matisse? Here’s your chance!

T. Talk, snuggle, play and reconnect with your family over a good book.

U. Unicorns! Don’t believe in Unicorns? You might after reading this.

V. Vary your reading. Read a science book, then a fiction book and maybe even a about about being an author yourself!

W. Wonkalicious! Team up with Willy Wonka and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory for some wonkalicious activities!

X. eXplore: Explore what life was like during the early days of our country and during the buffalo days.

Y. Your Imagination is your guide to all the wonders of the world. Start by pulling books of shelves and stories of pages today.,

Z. EnthuZiasm! Read can be fun if you work with your kids to help make it enjoyable and interesting. Read on!


And please feel free to print off, share, and Pin to Pinterest our gorgeous Book Jumper Tree poster.

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