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Fish Finelli: Operation Fireball by E.S. Farber Book Review+ Activity (Guest Post from Hannah Rials)

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Guest Post by Hannah Rials

Fish Finelli
Fish Finelli is the smartest kid in town, yet he can’t seem to stop making bets with that annoying, stuck up Bryce Billings. So when Bryce taunts Fish about losing the Captain Kidd Classic boating race, Fish can’t help but accept the bet. He has a good boat; he knows his way around the water, and there is nothing more important than good sportsmanship. How can he not win? Nevertheless Fish and his friends T.J. and Roger work tirelessly with a little help to get their boat the Fireball up and running in time for the Classic.

A minor race with Bryce proves to Fish and his friends that Fish is obviously the better boater and that a bigger, more expensive boat is not always the best option. Now he just has to get that boat up on plane, beat Bryce Billings, avoid getting grounded, and win over the girl of his dreams. Think that’s possible? Follow Fish in his sea adventures and find out of Operation Fireball ends in success.
Fish Finelli is a different type of book. The writing is capturing, and the illustrations perfectly portray these fun characters’ personalities. However, this is not your run-of-the-mill fun story! E.S. Farber weaves factoids relating to Fish’s tale into the margins of the book. I mean, we can’t all be as smart as Fish Finelli, and why not take the opportunity to educate on history and boating? I actually learned some facts from Fish that even I, a girl who has no interest in boating, enjoy.

Grab your copy of Fish Finelli: Operation Fireball HERE.


Something To Do Activities:
  1. 1. Make Your Own Summer Stand:
The Clam Brothers Mi and Si make a lot of cash from their summer clam stand, so why not take inspiration from their success? I’m sure you’ve all seen lemonade stands, book mark stands, etc., but why not come up with something different?
How about a flower stand if you’re lucky enough to have parents with a plentiful garden? Cookie, sea shell, flower stands…whatever you think is neat and you think people will buy. All you have to do is set up your stand, set your price (not too pricy), and get ready to make some cash!
Here’s a great tutorial for a DIY Lemonade/Clam stand from See Vanessa Craft.
DIY lemonade stand
2. Make a Fireball Boat: Here’s a cool tutorial from CraftGawker.
Water Bottle Boat
3. Hold a Boat Race:
Gather up a group of friends and make your boats. Then find a stream to race on. Set your boundaries… On your mark… Get set… Go!
Hannha rials
Born in the hills of Louisiana and raised in the mountains of Tennessee, Hannah Rials is a seventeen year old aspiring author and editor. She’s been writing short stories since she was a little girl, but for the past several years, she has been writing, editing, and reediting a novel of her own that she hopes to publish in the near future.  Hannah has always loved reading and the world of books. With a librarian grandmother who can tell the most magical stories, how could she not fall in love with the written word. Her library collection and love for books grows every day. You can connect with Hannah on her author page on Facebook or on her blog.

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  1. Hannah, this is a sequel, isn’t it? I remember picking up a Fish Finelli book (very appealing!) though I thought it had a different cover. Anyway, love the lemonade stand and boat crafts 🙂 Nice review!

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