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Jumping Jack by Germano Zullo Book Review & Activity {Guest Post by Hannah Rials}

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Jack and his rider Roger Trotter are a star combo.
Jumping Jack
People come from all over the world to see this dynamic duo jump the course. But suddenly, Jack can no longer jump. He’s tripping all over the trail, wedging himself between rails, basically losing his tail. Roger doesn’t know what’s wrong with his partner. The doctor’s say his boo-boos aren’t causing him problems. The psychiatrist says he’s just a little tired–he just needs a week of relaxation. Now after a bit of R&R, it’s time for the biggest competition of the year. Roger and Jack think they’re ready…but are they? What will come of the dynamic duo? Will they reclaim their title and prestige? Or is Jumping Jack done jumping forever?
Jumping Jack is an adorable story with uniquely wonderful illustrations. I love the loyalty, friendship, and sense of confidence portrayed by Jack and Roger. Learning not to give up on your dreams no matter what is an important lesson for children to grasp, especially now. Keep this story in your back pocket when your child is down.
1. Set up your own jump course. Grab anything you can think of to jump over–a stool, bench, really big pillow. But here’s a good idea: take it outside. Mom won’t appreciate leaping all over the house.
 *note-Games for Kids Under Five has a Foot work / coordination drills: Horse Show Jump Parcour Preschool Learning Activities!

2. Make your own race horse with an old pool noodle here with Mrs. King Rocks  
pool noodle ponies
3. CandiQuik has some some simply adorable Triple Crown Cookies!
triple crown horse cookies
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