A Year in the Secret Garden

Got 33 Seconds? Check Out A Year in The Secret Garden

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A new video by Marilyn Scott-Waters and Valarie Budayr in honor of their new book A Year in the Secret Garden.

With over 120 pages, with 150 original color illustrations and 48 activities for families to enjoy, learn, discover and play together, A Year In the Secret Garden is an opportunity to introduce a new generations of families to the magic of this classic tale in a modern and innovative way that creates special learning and play times outside in nature. This book encourages families to step away from technology and into the kitchen, garden, reading nook and craft room. Secure your piece of the magic today. Visit our website for more details and ordering information for A Year in the Secret Garden.

Thanks to Steph the Video Guy for the lovely animated intro.

9 thoughts on “Got 33 Seconds? Check Out A Year in The Secret Garden

  1. I love the book trailer here, but what I want to know is did Audrey make that pop-up specifically for that? Obviously that’s not the actual book you’ve published 🙂

    1. Hi, Marilyn made that special pop up toy for her e-newsletter to announce the release of the book. I just love it !!!

  2. ooooh.. can’t wait to read this with daughter. She is going to LOVE it 🙂 And I have to say this makes for GREAT gift for DD’s girl friends too 🙂
    Congrats Valerie!

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