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Harry and the Hot Lava {By Chris Robertson} Book Review and Activity

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There’s something strange going on at Harry’s  house.

Oozing everywhere is hot lava. 

Lava is the Hottest, Most Dangerous Liquid Known to Man !!!!

So you better make a run for it and get out of it’s way. 

Is there any safe place to get away from this oozing liquid?

Harry and the Hot Lava

This latest release from one of my favorite author/illustrators Chris Robertson will entertain and inspire many moments of reading and play fun. Chris is no stranger to JIAB, I’ve reviewed several of his wonderful books including What Would Trade Your Peanut Butter Sandwich For and My Yellow Umbrella (a touching tribute to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School). You can also read a very entertaining interview I did with Chris here

Harry and The Hot Lava

I love the illustrations which blend in beautifully with the text to recount a perfect story.

This book can be summer up in one word FUN !!!!

Harry and the Hot Lava


Something To Do

Harry and the Hot Lava reminded me of a game we use play all the time called Don’t step on the Cracks. This book lends itself well to this game. The game is easy while walking down the street, in the driveway, in a parking lot, at the park, wherever you are, you simply Don’t Step on the Cracks. 


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If by chance you live in a crack free world, grab some chalk and make some squiggles, and lines like an obstacle course. See how you can avoid those squiggles and lines making sure you Don’t Step on the Cracks.