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The Meaning of Maggie by Megan Jean Sovern {Guest Post by Hannah Rials}

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{Guest post by Hannah Rials}
The Meaning of Maggie by Megan Jean Sovern
The Meaning of Maggie
Maggie Mayfield is beyond genius.
She knows everything. She always makes perfect grades, and one day, she’s going to be president of the United States of America. She is only eleven years old, but what does that matter? Eleven is the year that changes everything. Eleven turns out to be the year where she learns that not all boys are weird, not all popular kids are mean, and her sisters aren’t jerks all the time. But eleven is also the year where she realizes that her dad is a lot sicker than her parents have led her to believe, and that her life is going to change. For better or for worse, we can’t tell.
Since she knows everything, Maggie believes that she can fix her dad, and she makes a goal of it as her New Year’s resolution. But what if some things can’t be fixed? How does a girl like Maggie deal with not being able to fix her cool dude dad?
So now Maggie has decided to write her life’s memoir, about her eleventh year, when everything changed, she got a little wiser and a lot more understanding.
The Meaning of Maggie is an inspiring coming of age story that struggles through the adolescent frustration of wanting to know everything but not necessarily being able to handle such information. Maggie’s super cool dad and hardworking mom teach their know it all daughter the value of holding onto childhood as long as you can, which is a mistake we all make—wanting to grow up too fast. Maggie Mayfield is extremely relatable; I can even remember being like her. All ten, eleven, and twelve year olds will be able to connect to her problems, her school issues, and her need to know everything without realizing the consequences.
Activities for The Meaning of Maggie:
  1. The Key to writing a good memoir like Maggie

memoir writing

-Be sure to remember all the good stuff
-Take a nice, sturdy journal with you everywhere to compile notes
-Don’t worry yourself with the trivial facts like what you had for lunch.

-Make sure to write about something memorable, the year that changed your life.

  • The perfect, Maggie-approved emergency candy stash


1. Mini snickers
2. Skittles
3. M&Ms
4. Sour Gummy Worms
5. Mini 3 Musketeers
6. Sour Patch kids
7. Whoppers
*If allowed, Oreos and/or Chips a’Hoy!
  1. Maggie’s favorite song: the states’ song

  1. Maggie’s Albert Einstein Halloween costume Necessities

-A teasing comb (to get that wild, genius hair)
-Some Halloween white hairspray
-Eye liner (for that awesome mustache)
-A Lab coat
-A bow tie (your dad is sure to have one)
Hannha rials
Born in the hills of Louisiana and raised in the mountains of Tennessee, Hannah Rials is a eighteen year-old aspiring author and editor. She’s been writing short stories since she was a little girl, but for the past several years, she has been writing, editing, and reediting a novel of her own that she hopes to publish in the near future.  Hannah has always loved reading and the world of books. With a librarian grandmother who can tell the most magical stories, how could she not fall in love with the written word. Her library collection and love for books grows every day.