The Girl from Felony Bay by J.E. Thompson Book Review and GIVEAWAY!

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{Guest post from Hannah Rials}
The Girl from Felony Bay by J.E. Thompson
Abbie Force has a mission: solve the mystery of her father’s accident and alleged theft. Since he has been in a coma for nine months and cannot defend himself, it is Abbie’s job to put the pieces together. Her life has been uprooted—her father’s unavailable; her home has been sold to a new family; she has to leave her beloved school; and now she has to live with her mean aunt and uncle that don’t give one lick about her. Her summer is starting off horribly. That is until she meets the new family that has moved into her old house with the same last name and a daughter near her age—Bee. These two adventurous girls become fast friends and on their many adventures through the plantation, discover a plot afoot right under their very noses.
The Girl from Felony Bay
After Abbie’s father’s accident, he was accused of stealing one of his client’s fortunes that only he and the client had access to. But Abbie knows that her father is innocent. When Abbie and Bee discover that Felony Bay, a bay that used to belong to Abbie’s family has been sold separately from the rest of the plantation. The town’s rude sheriff won’t let the girls anywhere near the bay. They come to the conclusion that somehow, the mystery of Felony Bay and Mr. Force’s accident are somehow related. But here’s the problem: how do two twelve-year-old girls solve a mystery of this magnitude? They don’t drive; they live outside of town. Plus, who is going to tell them anything about anything? Help Abbie and Bee discover the mystery of Felony Bay and clear Mr. Force’s good name…and maybe you’ll find the Felony Bay treasure.
The Girl from Felony Bay is an exciting young reader’s novel filled with friendship, action, and mystery. Abbie discovers the power of a good friend, the ability to forgive and see past people’s differences, and her own power of solving huge mysteries. The characters are funny and relatable, and Grandma Em’s food is so mouth watering, I just want to jump right into Felony Bay myself.
Treasure Hunt
What you’ll need for a treasure hunt:
-Treasure, obviously (maybe a snack, some old jewelry, a toy your child’s been eyeing)
-Several copies of your treasure map
What to do:
  • Bury your treasure somewhere on your property
  • Invite a group of friends over and distribute your treasure maps
  • The first to the treasure wins!
Homemade horse treats for Abbie’s horse Timmy
Well naturally, you can always give a horse a good apple, carrot, sugar cube, and even sometimes a peppermint. But if you want to get a little artsy with your horse treats, try this recipe:
Oat Cookies:
Mix 1 cup uncooked oats, 1 cup flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon sugar, 2 teaspoons oil, and ¼ cup molasses.
—Make small balls on greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.
More Horse Treat info HERE.
Grandma Em’s Tomato and Mozzarella Salad 
What You’ll Need:
  • 3 Tomatoes
  • Slice Mozzarella Cheese
  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Basil
1. With a large serving dish, alternate tomato slices and mozzarella slices
2. Mix olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Drizzle over tomato and mozzarella
3. Top with chopped basil
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