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Weekend Links: A Month of Powerful Booklist for Kids

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This month has been jam-packed with insightful, educational, globally important and just plain fun booklists based on national holidays and world news. I am very proud of how these booklist turned out (and how well received they were by readers!) so I would like to share them this weekend as my Weekend Links Round-up. Enjoy!
On October 10th in 1858, Buterfield and Company agreed to carry the mail out west starting in Missouri and ending in California. The 2800 mile Westward journey would take 24 days. The mail was delivered twice weekly using overland coaches, mules and horses.

Two years later, with the threat of the Civil War looming, the need for faster communication to the West was created.

To honor and celebrating the first ever cross country mail delivery and a bit of American itself, I created a booklist that takes a look at the Pony Express.



A Reading Booklist for Boys…….and girls too

middle reader boys booklist
Stargazing & Astronomy Booklist for the whole family.

The Banish Bullying Booklist: Reading Our Way to Awareness (Broken down by grade)

bully booklist k-2

bully booklist grades 3-5

bullying booklist 6-8

Love and respect the rainforest? We do too. Here is our Rainforest Booklist roundup in honor of World Rainforest Week (Oct 12th – Oct 18th)

rf collage


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Read about Book or Treat and how it all began HERE.


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A Year in the Secret Garden.

A Year in the Secret garden


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