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Weekend Links: Treats and Eats!

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It’s time again for Weekend Links! This is my chance to share all of the fun, creative and educational blog posts I have encountered throughout the course of the week. Here are some of my favorites:

weekend links

Marie’s Pastiche is doing a whole series involving recipes from her French Canadian roots and WOW, there are some yummy one! Here are two that caught my fancy:

Deliciousness from @Mariespastiche ! Our French Canadian Roots: Recipe for Crepes au Sarasin | Buckwheat pancakes Buckwheat crepe header

Our French Canadian Roots: Recipe for Tarte au Sucre {Sugar Pie}

Diverse books for Halloween are tough to come by, but here are a few the wonderful family at Sprout’s Bookshelf recommend!

In honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday, I thought this would be a “scream” to share! SPOOKILY FUN SCIENCE ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS at Kids Activities Blog

This is not food-related, but it is a true treat to read- Families who adopt and foster care always inspire me. Here is a personal story over at Kid World Citizen


Even the word “Oobleck” makes me giggle and here’s an Oobleck activity from Inspiration Laboratories that involves real pumpkin!



DON’T FORGET! My Book or Treat Halloween Community Guide is still free for the taking! Here’s your chance to add a fun “book-ish” twist to your Trick or Treating activities at your home or in your community!


Read about Book or Treat and how it all began HERE.


Now Available! The newest children’s book from Audrey Press. Click the image below for more details.

A Year in the Secret Garden.

A Year in the Secret garden