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An excellent #diversekidlit book about the lives of Lakota Indians

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Horse Raid: The Making of a Warrior by Paul Goble shared great insight into the every day lives of Lakota Indians.

This book is not only beautiful to look at but is well researched, giving a lot of information on a topic I had no knowledge. Giving us a front row seat of a horse raid from the view point of the main character Lone Bull, we learn of his first horse raid when he was fourteen years old. Horse Raiding was a time honored tradition and a right of passage for every young boy. Lone Bull’s father was the chief of the Lakota tribe. Calling on 9 other great hunters, the chief holds a meeting in their teepee to make plans to raid the crow horses. This is where Lone Bull hears of the horse raid plan and then comes up with one of his own to join his father and the other brave men. Lone Bull and his friend decided that they would follow the men quietly. When it was too late to send them home, they would unveil themselves and join the horse raiding party. Lone Bull’s grandfather knew about the plan and prepared the supplies and horses for the soon to be horse raiders.


More than this I cannot tell you. You’ll have to read it for yourself. Told with vivid words and exciting moments of the raid , Paul Goble brings to life the story of Lone Bull through his magnificent painting and his ledger book style. Lovely browns, blacks, blues, and reds. walk us through the plains of a pre-reservation life where horse raiding was a chance for men to show their courage and bravery in battle.  No one can become brave by sitting at home. As Lone Bull’s grandfather reminds us , ” No man can help another to be brave, but through brave deeds you many become a leader one day. “

Hosre Raid

This newly revised edition features digitally enhanced artwork for vivid colors, a completely revised text, a brand new layout which makes for incredible story telling, and an interesting foreword from one of the world’s more famous storytellers Joseph Bruchac.

Horse Raid

This book lends itself nicely to a look at the buffalo days and life on the plains. Beautifully written.

This book was given for review by the publisher Wisdom Tales Press.

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Something to Do

A Song for the Horse Nation

This site shares the history and relationship between the Native American people and the horse. On this site they have a couple of examples of “horse charms” used in actual horse raids.

Horse charms

Draw a Horse Raid

Story teller and artist Paul Goble uses a style of art known as ledger book art. During the 1800’s Native American’s used what they could find. Oftentimes the paper they would find to draw on would be found in ledger books. Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started. Also be sure to use some examples from Paul Goble’s book Horse Raid as well.



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  1. Valarie, this book looks SO familiar! The one by Paul Goble! Have you featured it on your blog before? I’m SURE this is where I saw it first 🙂

    1. Hi Donna,
      This is the first time I’m doing this book. I’ve done other Paul Goble books in the past. This one looks familiar because it’s a re-release. It was first published in 1973. Hope that helps. Thanks , as always, for stopping by.

  2. Hi Valerie,
    Thanks for sharing this book. It is a timely topic since we usually study the lives and culture of native Americans during November. I’m curious to see how the revised text has changed from the original book.

  3. I loved learning about the Lakota people! I didn’t realize horse raids were a rite of passage! Thanks for sharing this great diversity pick at the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

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