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Ready for a Traveling Girl’s Next Adventure?

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Lately Lily: Lately Lily: The Adventures of a Travelling Girl by Micah Playerby Micah Player

Lately Lily


Lily is a traveling maniac! Thanks to her parents, this lucky little girl has the opportunity to travel her all over the world. Recently, Lily has been exploring the exciting city of Paris, France. She loves documenting every second of her journey in her notebook, dragging her best friend Zeborah with her everywhere, and writing to her friends about all of her exciting journeys!


Come learn how to be an excellent travel with Lily and Zeborah and keep an eye out for the traveling girl’s next adventure!
I love the unique illustrations in Lately Lily. The story is very cute and meant to inspire a love of traveling in young children. Lily exemplifies a great traveller—documents everything, sees everything, and always chooses the window seat (they’re the best!). I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Lily and Zeborah next!
Lately Lily
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Something To Do

Make Your Own Travel ID:Early Activities & Project
Always Make a Checklist!!
I always make a travel check list at least a week in advance (and sometimes even pack early). This way, I know that I don’t forget anything. You have the typical categories: clothing, toiletries, electronics, , entertainment, and miscellaneous for anything else you can think to throw in there. Make sure everything on your list is checked off before your departure, and safe travels!
Sights to See Around the World:
Here’s a few dream destination points: make a point to take your kids here—
  1. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, US
  2. Glowworm Caves: Waitomo, New Zealand
  3. Eiffel Tower: Paris, France
  4. London, England
  5. Alhambra Palace: Granada, Spain
  6. C.S. Lewis Memorial Mural: Belfast, Northern Ireland
  7. Neuschwanstein Castle: Germany
  8. Mozart’s birthplace: Salzburg, Austria
  9. Pantheon: Rome, Italy
  10. The Acropolis: Athens, Greece

What travel tips would you like to share?

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7 thoughts on “Ready for a Traveling Girl’s Next Adventure?

  1. Well done Hannah on your informative post, I know my students would enjoy a book like this as they travel a lot.
    As for making a check list, it is not only the kids that would benefit from that!!!
    Thanks for joining us on the #kidlitbloghop jump into a book, great to have you here.
    Barefoot Librarian

  2. This looks like a great book! We’re a traveling group (you can read about some of our adventures and the books that inspire them on my blog –

    A great thing to do while traveling is buy postcards and write observations of the places. Then, punch holes in the corners and put them on a ring. Now you have a visual journal of the trip.

  3. These are great books for kids. Easy for them to get excited about other places when seen through another kid’s eyes. Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

  4. I LOVE the map idea and I am SO doing this!!! Thanks for sharing the review. I love travel books for kids , they really open up the world to them 🙂

  5. I love the illustration of Lily – it reminds me of my daughter’s drawing style. Sounds like a fun book. My kids take a journal whenever we go on a trip so they can record what they observe. Well, they bring it… that’s the first step, right? 😉 Thanks for joining us in the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

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