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Do You Know How to Enchant a Child? The Little Fir Tree Does.

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 The Little Fir Tree by Margaret Wise Brown is a heart grabber. The book has the most beautiful paintings which really remind me of my sweet boy “O”. Jim Lamarche, the illustrator, has contributed to the magic of this great story.

They put golden tinsel

 on his branches

And golden bells

And green icicles

And silver stars

And red and green and blue

And purple chains of shining Christmas balls.

All alone in an empty field grew a little fir tree. It dreamed of being part of a forest, or part of anything at all. Then one winter day, a man takes the little fir tree away and it finds itself at the center of a little boy’s very special celebration. This sweet little boy is special, he has a lame leg and he has never been to the forest and so his father brings the forest to him. This little tree gets planted in a wooden tub. “You have come to me from the wild green forest, and you are a part of my very own world.” said the little boy.


snow cream


Something To Do

You can bring the magic of a fir tree into your very own home. Though some of us may have big trees decorated in our houses, making a little fir tree to go into a child’s room is something truly special of their very own.

firtree 3


  • One small fir tree, fake or real. Both work.
  • A string of 35 lights. Color your choice.
  • small cinnamon sticks
  • Cranberries
  • Small pinecones
  • String
  • Large long needle
  • Thick Thread
  • A collection of small decorations
  • Small hooks
  • Tree topper

firtree 1


  1. Thread your needle. Knot it at one end.
  2. Put the needle through a cranberry and move it to the end. Then move the needled through a small pinecone and move it to the end. Add a cranberry and move it to the end, and then a cinnamon stick, moving it to the end. Continue in this pattern until you have a string long enough to wrap around your little tree.
  3. String the lights around the tree.
  4. Add your cinnamon garland.
  5. Place hooks on your decorations and hang them on the tree.
  6. Put on your tree topper.

Place your tree in your child’s room on a table top, or bookshelf. This is a beautiful way to bring light during the darkest time of the year into a child’s room. They will be thrilled and find it quite magical and spectacular. I have it from very good opinion that this one is a winner. Enjoy !!!

firtree 3

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