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Do You Remember the Joys of Paddington Bear? The Paddington Treasury

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{Guest Post by Hannah Rials}

The Paddington Treasury by Michael Bond and illustrated by R.W. Alley is a collection of six wonderful stories from the bear that we all know and love—Paddington Brown.

Paddington Bear


This story is the introduction to Paddington Bear’s tale. In here, we meet a young bear from the Darkest Peru who is found by the Brown family in the train station where they are meeting their daughter. Mr. Brown notices the bear and asks him if he needs any help. Not only are they stunned that he can speak, but he is also very impressed with the bear’s manners. After deciding that the bear should come home with them, they name him Paddington, after the train station, and get him some tea to drink. They collect their daughter Judy and Paddington, who makes a mess of his tea and snacks, and take a taxi back to their home where their son and nanny, Mrs. Bird, are waiting. At the Brown’s house, he impresses Mrs. Bird with his very fine manners and experiences his first bath, where he again makes a mess of bubbles, shaving cream, and other bathroom materials. Paddington ends his first day with the Browns by starting to share his story, but ends up falling asleep in their extremely immensely arm chair.

The Paddington Treasury

Something To Do Activitiy

Paddington’s Marmalade**A recipe for Paddington’s Orange Marmalade:
Paddington looovveess his orange Marmalade! Here’s how you can create your own from the Food Network:

Orange Marmalade

2. Paddington at the Palace
Mr. Gruber takes Paddington to the place so that he can see the changing of the guards. When they first arrive, he sees a figure in one of the windows, and waves his British flag just in case it is the queen, who happens to be in the castle on this particular day. As the parade starts, Paddington is unable to see over the heads of the people in front of him, and by the time he crawls his way to the front under people’s legs, the parade has passed—he didn’t get to see a single guard. Before Paddington and Mr. Gruber leave, they are invited onto the grounds so that they can take a proper picture for Paddington’s scrapbook—the queen must have seen him waving his flag for her.
Fun Facts about the English Flag:
The flag of the United Kingdom is commonly called “Union Jack.”
The three colors—red, blue, and white—represent the three countries under one ruler, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.
The flags of the three countries became combined under the rule of Queen Anne Bolenyn in 1801.
The red cross is England’s flag. The white and blue X is Scotland’s flag, and the red X is Northern Ireland’s flag. Together, they make the Union’s flag.

3. Paddington at the Zoo
Judy and Jonathan decide to take Paddington for a zoo day. Paddington decides to make six marmalade sandwiches in case they get hungry. However, the day does not start off right. When they arrive at the zoo, the guard announces that pets are not allowed in the zoo. Offended, Paddington stares hard at the guard until he lets them pass. Inside, he takes pictures with each of the animals—parrots, donkey, elephant, lion, and penguins. Each time, the animals take a sandwich, and his last sandwich is stolen by a man in the penguin exhibit. At the end of the day, looking back at the pictures, Paddington decides to put the picture of him with parrot in his scrapbook because the parrot is the only one who said thank you for his sandwich.

A recipe for Cheese and Marmalade sandwich:

cheese and marmalade sandwich

4. Paddington in the Garden
Paddington is very thankful for the Brown’s garden. It is very beautiful and peaceful, even with the building area nearby. Mrs. Bird decides that it will be a good idea to let Paddington, Judy, and Jonathan have a piece of the garden for themselves to take care of and keep them out of trouble. Judy decides to plant flowers. Jonathan arranges tiles for a fountain, but Paddington has no clue. So he goes in search of ideas. In the market, he finds a book on gardening that talks about looking at your garden from up high to get ideas. Paddington goes to the construction site near the Brown’s house, setting his marmalade down so that he may climb high while the workers are on their tea break. When the laborers begin to work again, his marmalade is knocked over and stains a pile of concrete orange. Instead of throwing the concrete away, as the workers would have otherwise had to do, they let Paddington take them back to the Brown’s, where he makes a rock garden, finished off with some plants that the workers give him. On National Garden day, Paddington’s garden wins first prize, with a gold star due to his extraordinary orange stones.
How to make your own piece of a garden —
1. Ask yourself…what do you want to plant?
2. Picture how you want your garden to look.
3. Make sure everything is planned out and has enough room to grow.
4. Plant and watch the miracle of life!
5. Paddington and the Marmalade Maze
Mr. Gruber takes Paddington for another outing to Hampton Court Palace. Here they see the various rooms, the huge beds, the tall fireplaces, and the orange fish in the pond. Before they leave to go home, Mr. Gruber says that they must go through the maze, even though some people get stuck for hours. A group of tourists overhears them and wishes to see a real english home. In order to lose the group—so that Mrs. Bird will not get angry at them for bringing a big group back to the house—Paddington tricks them into the maze where they get lost. In order to find his way out, Paddington leaves a trail of Marmalade to follow—a trick he learned from his Aunt Lucy, that and keeping a spare marmalade sandwich in case of emergencies.
—What have you learned from your family?
All families have tricks that have passed down through the generations, whether it be recipes, every day tips, or history. So what have you learned?
6. Paddington the Artist
Mr. Gruber takes Paddington to an outside Exhibition, but Paddington does not enjoy any of the paintings that are for sale. Instead, he decides to paint pictures of his own. He paints a sunset, rain, and a self portrait. But the sunset becomes dark before he can finish. And it rained on his painting of the rain. And Paddington could not for the life of him remember what he looked like, even though he kept looking at himself in the mirror. He sets up an exhibition of his own outside his house to sell his paintings, but he falls asleep in the warm afternoon. When he wakes up, all of his paintings are gone, and an envelope of cash rests in his coat pocket. But Paddington does not need to know that Mr. Gruber was the recipient of all of Paddington’s paintings.

—Painting and never giving up.
Painting is not as easy as it seems. But painting is a great outlet for feelings and experiences. Even if you are not the best painter in the world, you can still paint. Artists don’t paint for every one else. They paint for themselves. Never forget that. Paint whenever and whatever you want, and never ever give up!

Thanks for reading!


Born in the hills of Louisiana and raised in the mountains of Tennessee, Hannah Rials is an eighteen year old aspiring author and editor. Now a freshman in college, she’s been writing short stories since she was a little girl, but for the past several years, she has been writing, editing, and reediting a novel of her own that will soon be published by Audrey Press. Hannah has always loved reading and the world of books. With a librarian grandmother who can tell the most magical stories, how could she not fall in love with the written word? Her library collection and love for books grows every day.

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