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Does Your Son Puzzle You? Understanding Your Son 101 has the Solution!

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Are you a parent who just wants to figure out what makes your son tick?

  • Does he puzzle you?
  • Amaze you?
  • Frustrate you?
  • Sometimes all at once?


You have to know about Janet Allison – she is the Founder of Boys Alive! and a friend of mine. She has dedicated herself to helping all of US understand ALL the males in our lives.

Boys Alive

She is wise, experienced, and a dynamic, humorous, and warm speaker — and that means you are going to learn a TON from her! Janet has been called a ‘boy whisperer.’  She gets boys and you will too, even more, after  you’ve listened to the 3 hours of audio and worked with the pdfs created to support learning and applying this information.

boys alive

PLUS, she’s offering some bonuses you won’t want to miss!

Join Janet for a *free* Webinar on Wednesday, February 18th. Save your seat HERE: Understanding Your Son 101 Webinar

Janet gets that you may feel like you’ve failed now and then as a parent…

No worries!

She’ll support you to:

  • Increase your parenting savvy and confidence
  • Understand (finally!) where he is coming from
  • Apply gender-friendly practical strategies to use immediately!


Don’t miss Janet’s WEBINAR on Wednesday, February 18th at 10 am pacific.  Sign up, even if you can’t make it – she’ll share the recording.  Save your seat here:  Understanding Your Son 101 Webinar

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Janet – Understanding Your Son 101 will change your relationship with your son – and all the men in your life! Get signed up now – you won’t regret it!

That link to get signed up again is here: Understanding Your Son 101 Webinar

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