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Secret Garden Wednesday: Planting Time

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secret garden wednesday

Every Wednesday you can drop by here and find new and special happenings in the Secret Garden. There’ll be crafts, great food, fun and laughter. So please be sure to come by and see us in our Secret Garden created just for you.

The weather continues to be a mix of rain and sun. The days are getting warmer and longer and the desire to get our hands in the dirt is mounting.

This week we’re out in our Secret Garden cutting back the dead branches of winter and putting the weathered leaves on the compost pile.

Nest its time to turn the earth/dirt which has been gently sleeping these winter months.

After we’ve finished with our garden housekeeping, it’s time to start planting. Of course you need to pay attention to your planting zone and your last frost date.

The mystery and magic of planting a seed and watching it grow is a very exciting experience indeed. Now imagine how exciting and magical it would be to put those seeds into the fiber of a piece of paper and watch your secret garden grow from there.

This week in A Year in the Secret Garden, we are making seed paper. The lovely Marilyn Scott-Waters has also designed beautiful secret garden seed packets to download.

Something to Do

What type of Secret Garden will you grow? Look below for some ideas of different types of gardens to plant.

A Scratch N’Sniff Garden

What is a ‘scratch n sniff’ garden? Simple. It’s basically the same thing as a sensory garden, as this theme appeals to the senses – but focuses more on touch and scent. Learn more about designing ‘scratch n sniff’ sensory gardens for kids here.

scratch-n-sniff garden

A Zoo Flower Garden

Some kids enjoy growing a vegetable patch, but flowers fill another need. Have fun by creating a zoo flower garden with them – putting in flowers and plants with animal names. You can get some ideas for your zoo flower garden here.


A Rainbow Garden

Creating a rainbow garden is a fun endeavor that can teach your children colors and much more.

rainbow garden

Alphabet Garden

An Alphabet Garden is a fun way to teach the ABC’s as well as basic gardening. Kids have a ball with this one.

flowers y

A Dinosaur Garden

Using primitive plants, creating a garden fit for a dinosaur brings hours of fun. You can find out more here.


A Clock Garden

Looking for a fun way to teach your kids how to tell time? Then why not plant a clock garden !


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