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WEEKEND LINKS: What Would YOU do with 100K Books?

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Last week Facebook was all a’buzz over a story of a Alameda County library who threw over 100,000 children’s books into a dumpster. Residents were enraged when they found out many of the books were only a few years old and he thought of such wastefulness did not sit well with the community. The library defended it’s decision, but the result was a pretty interesting dialogue nationwide.

discarded books

Read the full story HERE.

So what would YOU have done with those 100,000 books? We asked that question to our moms/authors/bloggers in our Multicultural Children’s Book Day Group and the ideas and discussion did not disappoint. Here are some of the highlights:



There were other perspectives as well…and good ones too:


What would you have done with those 100K books? Here are some ideas on book swapping and donating that Jump Into a Book has enjoyed in the past:

1. Save for Book or Treat!

Grab our free Book or Treat Community Kit here.

2. Utilize Events like International Book Giving Day and others to get books into the hands of kids.

3. Donate to important organizations like women’s shelters,schools or  Books for Africa.

4. Create a “Friends of the Library” chapter in your community. These chapters work to sell the unwanted books through community book sales and the money goes back into buying new books. Friends of the LibraryWhat ideas do you have?


2 thoughts on “WEEKEND LINKS: What Would YOU do with 100K Books?

  1. Our Friends of the Library will sell our discards in their book cottage, or at different functions, for very little money. It’s a great way to get books into the hands of children. They also participate in a community Day for Kids and give away books to families. Our library also gives away books to children who participate in the Summer Reading Programs and other library functions. So what if the books aren’t perfect? Usually, children don’t care too much. They are just glad to get free books! If nothing else, use them for cutting and crafts. It’s just a shame that so many children’s books were just tossed, when so many children don’t have free access to books in their own homes.

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