A Year in the Secret Garden

Secret Garden Wednesday: Celebrating Spring with Robin Cake

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Every Wednesday you can drop by here and find new and special happenings in the Secret Garden. There will be crafts, great food, fun and laughter. So please be sure to come by and see us in our Secret Garden created just for you.

Happy Spring to You !!!! Today on Secret Garden Wednesday I’m giving a public service announcement to buy those Cadbury Eggs while they’re here. This weekend is Easter weekend and the stores are loaded with those delectable creamy eggs.

I’m not giving this egg advisory for eggs sake oh no, I have other motives in mind.

While creating A Year in the Secret Garden one of the activities we had the most fun with was our Robin Cakes. Robin Cakes are creamy cupcakes with a cadbury egg in the center, an egg which is whole and does not melt. It’s so magical !!! On top of the robin cake we spread a creamy vanilla frosting and then create the cutest little robin to go on top. These cakes are hit at any party.

A Year in the Secret Garden Robin Cakes


I buy those cute little cadbury eggs during Easter time and put them in my freezer so I can make Robin Cakes all spring and summer long. So take heed and go get yourself some Cadbury Eggs, the small ones so you can have this delectable and adorable treat all Spring and Summer long.

secret garden wednesday

Secret Garden Wednesdays-too much fun NOT to read!


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