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Secret Garden Wednesday: Wildflowers

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secret garden wednesday

Hello and welcome to our Secret Garden! Every Wednesday you can drop by here and find new and special happenings in the Secret Garden. There will be crafts, great food, fun and laughter. So please be sure to come by and see us in our Secret Garden created just for you.

We took a little adventure a couple of days ago and discovered a Secret Garden right in the middle of the forest. We were hiking in the Smoky Mountains, everyone around here knows that the wildflowers bloom over a few weeks and many of us get out to see the forest and mountain sides bloom out in color.

We took a side path and walked ourselves into an ancient moss covered forest. Surrounded completely by mountains we walked deep into the enclosed valley to discover the most enchanted vision I’ve ever seen in nature.

wildflowers 5

The forest floor was completely covered in blooming phlox, may apples and another little tiny white flower I don’t know the name of. Moss one inch thick covered fallen trees and branches as well as the trunks of living trees.

wildflowers 2

We were all alone here in this ancient wood. The only sounds were that of a water fall off in the distance, the cacophony of birds and the buzzing of bees.

wildflowers 4

One of the most important things missing from these photos is the smell. I’ve never smelled anything as this blooming forest. It made us heady with delight. We spent over an hour in this forest soaking it all in. Soon other wildflower enthusiasts joined us and it was nice to meet people who shared in this moment of Secret Garden bliss.

wildflowers 3

I learned a big lesson on this hike, that a Secret Garden doesn’t have to be behind a wall locked away with a key but can be found in our daily wanderings.

This week I challenge you to find a secret garden near you. It might be behind a wall, it might be under a big tree, it might be in the forest near your home, or behind a log that’s drifted in from the ocean. Wherever it is, go and find it! Cherish those hidden moments in nature’s Secret Gardens!

wildflower 1

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A Year in the Secret garden

4 thoughts on “Secret Garden Wednesday: Wildflowers

  1. Valarie, this is so heavenly and magical! Thank you so much for sharing these breathtaking pictures, especially since my allergies prevent me from enjoying nature in this way. It’s like happening upon a fairyland 🙂 And I can’t get over that blue butterfly! I have a friend who has a thing for the blue ones so I’ll be sending her this link 🙂

    And I now think of you every time THE SECRET GARDEN is mentioned, so here’s a link I know you’ll enjoy :)…

    1. Wow Donna, what a treasure trove a of a website. Thanks so much for sharing that link with me. So glad you’re enjoying our forest secret garden walk. It was simply heavenly. !!!

      1. yes, Katie has a lot on her site (recently revamped!), but did you actually notice the post on where THE SECRET GARDEN was written? The actual place that inspired it?

        1. I did. Isn’t that an incredible house ? She wrote the Secret Garden outside on the patio/veranda and as she would sit there writing, a little robin would come and sit on top of one of the chairs and table. That’s where the robin in the story comes from. That little red breasted robin who would keep her company as she wrote !!! Thanks again for sharing the link. It was so much fun to see the actual place she wrote the Secret Garden from.

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