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The Book-Jumper Summer Reading Series: The Wildwood

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Welcome to our 6th week of the Book-Jumper Summer Reading Series. I can’t believe we’ve been reading and adventuring together for 6 whole weeks!!

If you are just tuning in you can find some great book review and activities here and here.

the bookjumper summer reading series

Today both intern Hannah and I have things to say about this week’s book Wildwood by Colin Meloy.

wildwood cover

We started this as a read-aloud book, BUT I was quickly ditched to reading it all alone and silently. Why you ask? It’s not because the book isn’t good, it’s because it is so darn good that it had my children relating way too much to what was happening. You see I’m from Portland, Oregon and my sister lives in North Portland (North Wood) which if you look at the map below is just near the Wildwood. Yes friends, the Wildwood does exist and could very possibly be true. Maybe this book is just being disguised as fiction but is actually based on a true story. It could be. It was my non-commitment to the question, “Are you sure this is fiction?” (shrug)

That little shrug cleared the room and left me with hours of great reading. Hopefully they’ll come back to it one day…….


My advice is don’t leave this book or it’s sequels. Brilliant and clever writing in a world we completely relate to.

Have a look.

It was an ordinary day. Prue and her baby brother Mac are just out for a ride in the park, enjoying the wonderful Portand day. Then the most un-thought of event happens. A swarm of crows sweeps down on the playground, grabs Mac in their claws, and flies him away into the infamous forest that Portlanders know as the Impassable Wood.

Horror-stricken, Prue returns home and is able to convince her parents that their baby is fast asleep and ready for bed. While her parents sleep, Prue prepares herself to travel into the Impassable Wilderness to rescue her brother. She must. This is her fault after all.

So, prepared with a backpack of snacks, her bike, and a red wagon attached to the back, she ventures to the edge of the Impassable Wilderness. There she runs into a classmate, Curtis, a boy that she hasn’t been friends with in awhile. And when he discovers her plan, he insists on accompanying her, despite her objections.
No one ever goes into the Impassable Wilderness, and in just a few moments, they know why. Riding along the Long Road, they come into the path of coyotes. But not just any coyotes—coyote soldiers…talking coyote soldiers. And when they smell the scent of human, Prue and Curtis have to run. Except the coyote soldiers are faster. Curtis is taken to their mistress, the Dowager Governess, and now Prue must fend for herself.

She is sent all over the Impassable Wood, better known as the Wildwood to its inhabitants. She meets Robert, the postman of Southwood, travels through the Avian Principality into Southwood where she believes she will be helped. But Outsiders have never been able to breach the boundary, and Prue is considered a danger to the community.

Under the advisement of Owl Rex, the crowned prince of the Avian Principality, she realizes that her only hope is to travel to Northwood and ask for the help of the mystics. Except the Wildwood is no cakewalk. The wilderness throws tons of hurdles in Prue’s way, and she must fight through all these impediments to rescue her brother, be reunited with Curtis, and stop the evil that is plotting to taking over the Wildwood.

Thoughts From Hannah…..

Narnia is one of my favorite books, and in my eye,  Wildwood is revamped, yet different Narnia. Colin Meloy has spun a fabulously detailed story of a completely different world that is dangerous, exciting, and endearing. The characters are complex, and the world is beautiful. Wildwood teaches about family loyalty, bravery, finding your place in the world, and loving nature. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!


Somethings To Do

Wildwood is set in Portland Oregon. That’s why my family refers to this great series of books as “Oregon Reads”, more specifically “Portland Reads.” Being born and raised in Portland Oregon, our Something To Do section today could quickly get out of control. I’m trying my best to reign myself in. I could write a plethora of suggestions just for books alone, and then food, mixed with lots of adventure. But alas, I only have this little blog post. So here it goes……


Make Gorp

You can’t be from Portland and not share the ever-loving trail snack GORP !!!! I don’t even know how many pounds/kilos of this stuff I’ve eaten in my life or made for that matter. 🙂

Step this way for a taste of the most divine trail mix EVER!


Portland Summer Activities

Ok summer isn’t summer without these three things. Well actually, I have a lot more on my list but this is the BEST start.

1. Portland Rose Festival in June
2. Topdown Rooftop Cinema in July
3. Bridge Pedal in August

Travel Portland With Kids

For all of those things I just can’t leave off the list, I leave for you to discover on your own. I hope you find your way to Portland, Oregon one day. But first, start with the book The Wildwood!!!!

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