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MKB Read Around the World Summer Reading Series: Stork by Wendy Delsol

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Today I’m participating in the MKB Read Around the World Summer Reading Series. The country we have chosen to visit is Iceland.
Stork by Wendy Delsol
I came across the Stork Trilogy by Wendy Delsol in 2010. We waited patiently as each new book was released and we were never disappointed. Wendy is a captivating storyteller who pulls you in with in seconds of picking up one of her books.
This series is for grade 7 and which places it in the YA category.
Katla Leblanc, Kat for short, is adjusting from her parents divorce and a move from LA to northern Minnesota, the ancestral home of her mother. Kat is a fashion loving, Starbucks drinking west coast teenager who is finding Minnesota a lot to adjust to. Just when she thinks it couldn’t get anymore boring, her head starts to itch. This is her invitation into a scary basement in a seemingly abandoned fabric shop. There she finds a chair reserved for her in a circle of old women. It’s a secret meeting of the Aslendigas Storker Society, “Storks” for short. They meet and vote on the placement of new souls in “vessels.” If this isn’t strange enough, enter the “new” boy who seems to know her from before and that my reading friends is what makes Stork an incredible urban fantasy based on Nordic Myths.
Wendy Delsol spins a great tale using a combination of Minnesotan vernacular with Icelandic words and traditions thrown in. They are placed easily and understandably.
The rest of the Stork Trilogy Frost and Flock are also brilliantly written and Frost even takes us to Iceland!!!
This is a page turning, can’t put it down book series which won’t disappoint!
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