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A Day with Pippi Longstocking | Making your own Longstockings Activity

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pippi longstocking

Pippi Longstocking is perhaps my first childhood book friend. Pippi is the ultimate kid’s kid and free spirit. She is able to lift strong policemen, climb tall houses and trees, rescue children from burning buildings and adults from their boring chatter.


Pippi lives all alone in a large yellow and pink house, her mother died when she was a baby and her father is lost at sea somewhere but expected to return. Pippi fills her days with pancakes, games, dancing, and many other antics. Her best friends are a monkey named Nilsson and a white horse she lets in the house and sleep in the living room. She supports herself with her suitcase full of gold coins. Clearly, she needs no one and is very capable of handling every detail of life on her own.

The neighbor children next door, Annika and Tommy, think Pippi’s the most amazing wonder. They weren’t the only ones, my children and their mother, think Pippi Longstocking is simply the best.

Pippi is our go to girl when the world seems dreary and boring. Through all of Pippi’s antics, which in our opinion makes her very endearing, are well placed “lessons” in life. As a mom, I think her messages of confident self-esteem and the knowledge that one has the power to do anything once you put your mind to it, are powerful lessons that I want my children to embrace.

When we check Pippi out from the Blount County Library it is always the “big purple” edition The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, which contains all of the Pippi Longstocking books. This book is perfect for ages 7 to 10 but younger children often times can easily sit through a reading.

Something To Do

Pippi Longstocking is such a fun book to jump into. There are so many daily events happening within the pages of this favorite read that we often times have difficulty deciding what exactly we should be doing. Some activities we’ve done in the past are walking backwards relay races, making pancakes, and of course a large batch of ginger cookies.

Today though we thought we’d share our love of making ‘long-stockings”. They are perfect for any occasion.

pippi longstockings activity


crayola fabric markers


1. This is not a step by step craft. This is a do what comes to you kind of craft. Pippy Longstocking is always mismatched in whatever she wears, and her long stockings embody that.
2. Draw designs, pictures, words, anything that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to walk backwards all day, every day.
pippi longstockings
What are you going to put on your long stockings? What makes you happy?
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