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Weekend Links: A Great Week of Lunar Eclipse-Themed Booklists

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Welcome to Weekend Links! This week was the official final day of summer and fall is starting off with bang with the occurance of a Lunar Eclipse or “Blood Moon.” Basically when the Earth casts its shadow on a Full Moon and eclipses it, the Moon may get a red glow causing many to refer to it as a blood moon. Rumor has it that tonight will be the night to view it so our household is buzzing with anticipation!

The moon, solar system and stars are always a great source for learning opportunities for kids so in honor of list weekend’s lunar eclipse, here are some great booklists and resources that are “outer space” themed. Enjoy!

Astronomy for Kids: Great Books and Marshmallow Constellations from KC Edventures.

astronomy for kids

Stories from a Summer Night Sky: Learning about Constellations and Legends

books about constellations

Stargazing & Astronomy Booklist for the whole family

astronomy booklist

30+ fabulous books to read for a space theme from The Measured Mom


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  1. Thanks for including us in this awesome round-up of the stars! We really enjoyed the eclipse last week. Hard to believe my youngest will be 30 years old when the next one hits! #iamnotthatold 🙂

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