Go Fly a Kite! 9 Kidlit Books About Kites

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As I sit in my office at JIAB headquarters, the Fall winds are whispering loudly and the leaves are tumbling down from the trees and quietly pelting the ground. As the weather in Maryville, TN turns chillier, and the autumn winds bring an end to the colorful leaf-watching activities, I can’t help secretly wishing I could go fly a kite!

One of our favorite things to do in April is fly our kites at our local kite festival in the park. Granted, it’s not April, but I do enjoy the childlike fun affiliated with flying a kite. To get everyone in the spirit of Kite Flying we pulled out some of our favorite books to read and created 9 Kidlit Books About Kites. I love the multicultural nature of these books as well. Hope our list inspires you as well.

books about kites

Kite Flying by Grace LinThe wind is blowing which makes for a good day to fly kites. Come enjoy this family as they make a dragon kite together.

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The Legend of the Kite by Chen Jiang HongA grandfather and his grandson build a kite for their local kite festival. Also included is the history of China’s kite flying tradition.

books about kites

Stuck by Oliver JeffersFloyd’s kite gets stuck in a tree and he has to figure out how to get it down. First he throws his shoe which also gets stuck. He then decides to throw the other shoe which ends up with the first shoe and the kite stuck in the tree. This is only the beginning of a long list of hysterically funny things which get thrown up into the tree to unstuck the kite. This is such a great read!

books about kites

Days with Frog and Toad by Arnold LobelFrog and Toad spend their days together flying kites, celebrating Toad’s birthday, and having lots of fun together.

books about kites

Kites: Magic Wishes that Fly Up to the Sky by Demi One of my favorite author/illustrators, Demi tells the story of how kites came to be. A long time ago in China a woman commissioned an artist to paint a dragon kite for her son. It was the mother’s hope that this beautiful dragon which stood for wealth, wisdom, power, and nobility would be seen by the gods in heaven who would assist her son in growing up to be big and strong. Demi’s art is exquisite in this great book.

books about kites

How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning by Rosalyn SchanzerLook into the world of Benjamin Franklin and discover how he used lightening and a kite to make people’s lives safer.

books about kites

The Kite Festival by Leyla TorresOne Sunday morning, Fernando Florez and his multi-generational family go to town and discover a kite festival. With all the stores closed they have to work together to create a kite. This is such a sweet story.

kite booklist

Henry and the Kite Dragon by Bruce Edward HallHenry lives in Chinatown in New York City and loves to make kites with his grandfather Chin. While Henry and his grandfather fly their kites in the park, kids from Little Italy keep throwing rocks at them and destroying the beautiful kites. Henry and his friends decide that enough is enough. This book is based on a true story in 1920 when two groups of kids form different cultures came face to face to discover they have much more in common than differences.

kite booklist

The Best Winds by Laura WilliamsA classic Korean tale about Jinho and his grandfather who teaches him the art of kite making.

kite booklist

I hope you have many wonderful days reading about kites and good wind to go and fly a few!

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