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Raising A Rock-Star Reader

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I’ve been excited for this day to come for a really long time. Two long time blogging friends, Amy Mascott from the blog Teach Mama and Allison McDonald from the blog No Time for Flashcards are releasing their new book today Raising a Rock-Star Reader: 75 Tips to Help Your Child Develop a Lifelong Love of Reading.

Raising a Rock Star Reader

Both Amy and Allison are incredible resources in creating fun and interactive learning. I show up each time they post and share their postings often. Now I can share that their book continues to share that inventive learning style with Raising a Rock-Star Reader.

Through many years and hundreds of tried and true tactics for raising life long readers and learners, Amy and Allison share 75 of their very best tips.

Here are some tips you’ll find inside:

Tip # 8 Create a book nook. That magical place one goes to read books.

Raise a Rock Star Reader

Book Nooks are magical places that separate us from the world and leave us to our books and their imaginary stories and places. There are some great recommendations on how to easily change any corner of your home into a cozy book nook.

Tip #11 Do. Not. Correct. Your. Child’s. Speech. 

Correcting a child’s speech while they’re learning to talk is stressful and hurtful. The more they hear adults speak in regular speaking patterns your child will pick up those patterns as their language skills progress.

Tip # 27 Play Grid Games

Raising a Rock Star Reader

Grid games are great for helping your child no the concepts of print and moving deliberately from left to right.

“Children learn how books work long before they learn how to read.”

Tip #52 Read the Print All Around You

There is print everywhere we look and pointing this out to your child to show them how important reading is. We do it all day long, everywhere. Point out street signs, menus in restaurants, reading signs at the doctor’s office, at day-care, places of worship and other places you frequent. These are just a few suggestions. There are many more in the book Raising a Reader.

Tip #45 Play Spray It Say It

Raising a Rock Star Reader

With sidewalk chalk and a water bottle, learning letter sounds has never been more fun.

Raising a Rock-Star Reader: 75 Quick Tips to Help Your Child Develop a Lifelong Love of Reading is stuff and loaded with way more than 75 tips and is the ultimate guide to help you raise lifelong readers from the help of creative and educational experts. This is a book I will go to time and again for continual resources to keep my family engaged.  Not all tips work for all people, this book has something for everyone.

Two of my favorite all time education bloggers are sharing their best ideas with us. This will make the perfect gift this holiday season or any time of year. If you know people who will soon be parents or friends or family with little ones at home, this is the guide-book they’ve always been looking for.

What’s been the best advice you’ve been given while helping your children to read ? Mine came from Nancy Caroline Connell when my youngest child didn’t feel like reading, he liked listening to us read to him instead. She told me “Just keep reading to him, and when you do ask him for help because you’re having trouble with this word.” He was such a helpful type child that he wouldn’t leave his mother in distress. It worked like a gem. I’m happy to say that he is an avid reader now.

Places to grab your copy of Raise a Rock Star Reader:

Raising a Rock Star Reader