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Board Books based on Children’s Classic Books: Cozy Classics

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The Cozy Classics series is the brainchild of two brothers, both dads, who were thinking of ways to teach words to their very young children. They hit upon the idea of “the classics” as the basis for their infant primers, and the rest as they say, is history.

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Every book in the series is condensed into twelve child-friendly words accompanied by a beautifully hand-felted illustration, which accurately and humorously summarize each books plot.

I think this is where I need to mention that we aren’t talking about “kids classics” but adult classics turned into baby board books. They are simply delightful, captivating, and magnificently retell these age old classics.

Just released are Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Moby Dick by Herman Melville, War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy, and Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.

I know what you’re thinking because I was thinking it too…..how do you adapt these books for babies or small toddlers ? Well they do it very well I might add. These incredible and inventive books aren’t just for babies. They are good and great for all ages.

I love the whale from Moby Dick !!!


And let’s not forget the ship that said whale is going to attack.


Of course things can get muddy in Pride & Prejudice.


Love the one for Read! It’s perfect.


This series is exclusively published by Chronicle Books. They will be adding two new Cozy Classics each year and will re-issue 3 more Cozy Classics with a new design. We can expect The Nutcracker (New), Huckleberry Fin, Emma, and Les Miserables in the Fall.
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Since we are on the topic of reading the Classics, I’d like to invite you to join our Kids Classics Challenge.Every month during our Read Kids Classic Challenge we are going to present one classic that we can’t live without. We’d like you to join as well.


But that’s not all

When you sign up for the 2016 Read Kid Classics Challenge every month you will get a PDF that you can download which will have loads of activities on the particular book we’ve chosen to share at Jump into a Book. Each edition of Read the Kids Classics will highlight the story, have good things to eat in our kitchen called Table of Contents, give behind the scenes gossip about the author, easy crafts that kids can do on their own in our craftiness section, questions for the curious, explorations into the world of our featured books, as well as further connections via books like this one and topic booklists so you can find more good reads and finally a visit to the word wizard for some word play.

And Still There’s More-Free Books!

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