Weekend Links: Land, Water and Nature Books for Kids

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Welcome to Weekend Links! This is my chance to share the best-of-the-best in children’s books, resources and booklists that I have encountered during my online travels throughout the course of the week.

With the occurrence of World Water Day this month, and Earth Day just around the corner, I have seen many fabulous book finds and links that celebrate land, water and nature this week. Enjoy!

Cry of the Sea by D.G. Driver is a YA fantasy novel that won an award from Green Book Festival for its environmental theme about water pollution from oil spills. Learn more at


Seven Children’s Books to Celebrate World Water Day  via @LEEandLOW

Outside Your Window: A First Book of Nature By Nicola Davies at Jump Into a Book

first book of nature

Free Days at National Parks in 2016 at KCEdventures


One Well The Story of Water on Earth by Rochelle Strausse (I have not read this book yet, but it looks very interesting!) Seen from space, our planet looks blue. This is because almost 70 percent of Earth’s surface is covered with water. Earth is the only planet with liquid water — and therefore the only planet that can support life. All water is connected. Every raindrop, lake, underground river and glacier is part of a single global well. Water has the power to change everything — a single splash can sprout a seed, quench a thirst, provide a habitat, generate energy and sustain life. How we treat the water in the well will affect every species on the planet, now and for years to come. One Well shows how every one of us has the power to conserve and protect our global well.-Rochelle

Check out her teaching resources here.

Book-Jumper Summer Reading Series-The Great Redwood Tree Booklist

redwood tree booklist

National Parks: Top 10 Kids’ Books from


Concerned that your kids aren’t getting enough “outside time?”

Despite data that shows that 80% of natural vitamin D comes from the rays of the sun, many children, roughly only 23% are spending enough time outside and welcoming the sun’s rays. Most children do not get enough vitamin D from food alone and are at risk of deficiency if they are spending prolonged periods of time indoors. Valarie Budayr from Jump Into a Book and Marilyn Scott-Waters from The Toymaker have combined their respective talents to not only create a clever solution, but also an amazing guidebook to help parents help their children regain their interest and love of nature.

With over 120 pages, with 150 original color illustrations and 48 activities for families to enjoy, learn, discover and play together, A Year In the Secret Garden brings the magical story to life while also enjoying nature and the great outdoors.

A year in the secret garden

With fascinating historical information, monthly gardening activities, easy-to-make recipes, and step-by-step crafts, designed to enchant readers of all ages. Each month your family will unlock the mysteries of a Secret Garden character, as well as have fun together creating the original crafts and activities based on the book. Our goal is to not only raise awareness for the necessity of families spending more quality “unplugged” time together, but to also share monthly activities that incorporate nature and the outdoors as well. Get your kids moving, exploring and playing today. Get access to this wonderful children’s activity book here.


Meet you “in the garden!”

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