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Weekend Links: For the Love of Poetry! (Poetry Month Printables & Links)

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Welcome to weekend links!

This is my much-anticipated chance to share all sorts of great links and resources that I have encountered during my weekly Internet travels. I have all sorts of goodies for you today!

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month and also Poem in your Pocket Day?

The internet is buzzing with great links and things to do to celebrate a love of poetry and share it with others. Here are a few of my favs:

Great Poetry Resources:

Keep A Poem in Your Pocket pdf Download Keep A Poem In Your Pocket

Print Some Pocket Poems

Kenn Nesbit’s Poetry4Kids

Giggle Poetry by Meadowbrook Press offers several poetry activities.

Word Mover App for Kids (helps kids form their own poems)

Diamante Poem interactive, kids create verse in the shape of a diamond.

RhymeZone’s Rhyming Dictionary helps kids in their struggle to find words that express their feelings and ideas.

Jack Prelutsky Website for Kids

Shel Silverstein Printables for your pocket

Put a Poem in your pocket

Favorite Poetry Reads

poetry books for kids


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Creative Ways to celebrate National Poetry Month

Take it to the streets: Pick a favorite line from a poem and choose a clean piece of sidewalk or pavement to write on. You can search for a poem on or check your bookshelf for an old favorite. Use brightly colored chalk to attract attention to your work, and add drawings or artistic flourishes to create some extra fun.

Hide Poems in Fun Places: Leave a copy of a poem in an unexpected place. Donate some poetry books to your local coffee shop or leave them in your doctor’s waiting room. (All those magazines are probably out-of-date anyway, and poetry doesn’t expire.) Post a poem beside the want ads on your supermarket message board. – See more ideas here.
Slip a Poem Into your Loved One’s Lunch Box: Putting notes in lunches is always fun, but how how making the note in the form of a poem? Your surprise poem can be one you love, or one you created yourself.
How will you celebrate National Poetry Month?

Do you know what Hans Christian Andersen liked as much as his fairy tales?
Paper! He was an addict to paper. He wrote on it, he drew on it and he use to cut in it. Just like a sculptor carves the figure out of stone, Hans Christian Andersen use to cut his stories out of paper. In fact he was a very popular paper cutter. (images courtesy of the Odense Museum)
Hans Christian Andersen
In order to amuse his friends and their children, Hans made his very famous paper cuts. Wherever he would go he would carry his bag filled with paper and these very large monstrous scissors which he used to cut out the most elegant figures.

Would you like to create a very special item that is inspired by the paper cuttings of Hans Christian Andersen?
I’ve made a FREE off the shoulder felt story bag craft and tutorial just for this occasion! This simple craft is something the whole family can participate in creating it will make a delightful gift for the book lover in your life. I hope your little bag of tales holds as many wonders for you as ours has.

Click the image below and get instant access to this Hans Christian Andersen-inspired shoulder bag!