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Whose Hands are These by Miranda Paul {+Helping Hand Activities!}

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All kids have a dream of “being like Big People” and Miranda Paul’s charming book Whose Hands are These are planting the seeds of all the helpful things that a child could be.
Miranda Paul
If your hands can mix and mash, what job might you have? What if your hands reach, wrench, yank, and crank? The hands in this book—and the people attached to them—do all sorts of helpful work. And together, these helpers make their community a safe and fun place to live. As you read, keep an eye out for community members who make repeat appearances! Can you guess all the jobs based on the actions of these busy hands?
Miranda describes each of the different professions that a child could be—a farmer, cook, police, scientist, potter, new reporter, mechanic, architect, referee, physician, and teacher. And this is just the beginning of the dreams a child can dream. The charming illustrations bring all of these different jobs that might seem boring at first to life and show all of the helpful things that they do for the community.  I love books like this, books that plant ideas and hopes in children’s heads.
Whose Hands are These is absolutely charming and goes beyond teaching lessons. Definitely a book to add to your child’s bookshelf.

Miranda Paul is an award-winning children’s author whose books Water is Water and One Plastic Bag were both named Junior Library Guild selections. Whose Hands Are These?, her newest title (release date: Feb. 1, 2016) is a book and guessing game in one. Miranda is a frequent speaker at schools and libraries, and presented in 2015 at the Library of Congress Young Readers Center in Washington, D.C. She is the original founder of Rate Your, a site for aspiring writers, and a team member for We Need Diverse Books. Learn more about Miranda or invite her to Skype-visit with your students at

Miranda Paul

Something To Do
Hands are super important, and there’s so many fun things you can do with them!
1.     You can make art! Paint up your hands and you can make birds, turkeys, flowers, or just a nice, simple hand print. I adore the creativity of these handprint jellyfish from Made to be a Mama.
2.     You can knit a big scarf! Love this tutorial at

3.     You can make a card for your mom, dad, or grandparents!
4.     And you can make BOOKMARKS! Or try this super-simple bookmark craft from this past post of mine.
 DIY bookmarks
There are also ways to make your hands helpful now:
  • Help mom and dad clean up around the house
  • Carry in groceries
  • Run a lemonade stand and give the money to a charity
  • Help out in the garden
  • Help take care of family pets
  • Help grandma and grandpa with chores at their house
  • Be helpful to siblings
  • Donate your out-grown books to a women’s shelter or organizations like Oklahoma Messages Project or Barbershop Books.
  • And so much more!!
 How do you make your hands helpful?

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