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#ReadKidsClassics: Blueberries for Sal for National Blueberry Month

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Blueberries for Sal

The Wanderlust side of me has always wanted to go to Maine.

So for this month for my #ReadKidClassics pick, I choose a beloved classic, Blueberries for Sal.

I also picked this story because I love the state of Maine! In Maine the sites and scenery is plentiful and when combined with the endless outdoors activities like hiking, arts & crafts, gardening, fairy houses and building them, I imagine it would be a spectacular vacation.  Though all of these are reasons enough to visit Maine, it is the call of the Maine Blueberries that has always held my interest.

Blueberries of Maine

“Blueberries for Sal” by Robert McCloskey, has a very special place in my memories. This delightful story is about Little Sal and her mother who venture off to Blueberry Hill to pick blueberries. Sal’s Mommy wants to can, or preserve, the berries so they will have food for the winter. On the opposite side of Blueberry Hill and at the very same moment, a mother bear and her cub are eating blueberries. Their motives are the same-they are looking to store up fat for the winter. Both Sal and the cub stop to rest and end up getting left behind. It doesn’t take long for the two mothers (bear and human) to discover  their children are missing and go off to find them.




The good news of this story is that everything works out in the end, but you can imagine what an entertaining story it would be to read! I remember in my childhood years how my Grandma would read me this story during blueberry season. Grandma wasn’t much of a canner, so we had to settle for pies and cobblers. Good times were had by all 🙂

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Something to do:

It’s summer. It’s hot. As much as I’d love some of my Grandma’s hot blueberry cobbler or blueberry pie, all I want right now is something cool, healthy and YUMMY. Here’s my favorite recipe for Summer Blueberry Smoothies:



Blueberry Cobbler Smoothies
What you’ll need: {makes 2 smoothies}
1/2 cup pomegranate-blueberry Juice – chilled
1/4 cup fresh blueberries
1 cup vanilla yogurt
2 tablespoons honey
2 graham crackers – crushed
1 cup crushed ice

What to do:
1. Into your blender add: pomegranate/blueberry juice, blueberries, yogurt,  honey, graham crackers. Pulse to combine.

2. Add ice. Pulse to combine. Evenly distribute between glasses.

(Source: Babble Kitchen)

 Maine Blueberry Facts:

  • After strawberries which ranks first, blueberry is the second most popular berry among people.
  • People from northern Europe believed that blueberry is God’s gift. This fact is true because there are many compounds present in the blueberry that have anti-viral and anti-bacterial elements. A regular intake of blueberry prevents most of the common contagious diseases. It is also said to prevent heart diseases.
  • Out of the total production of blueberries, 25% is produced in Maine. In fact, this place produces the largest quantity of blueberries in the world.
  • Blueberry is a good source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, dietary fiber and soluble and insoluble fiber like pectin. It contains anthocyanin, phenolic, antioxidant pigments, phytochemical and ellagic acid, that prevents cell damage, inflammation and cancers.
  • Check out co-operative Extensions:Maine’s Native Wild Blueberries website for more yummy blueberry details and info.

What’s your favorite things about blueberries?


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