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#ReadKidsClassics- Heidi

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Hello reading friends! As you know I am a huge fan of the classics and have been sharing that love here at Jump into a Book in my reoccurring series #ReadKidsClassics.  This year, I’d like to discover, and even re-discover, even more classics and I thought it might be fun if I delved into a favorite classic every month starting March 1.


Every month during our Read Kids Classic Challenge we are going to present one classic that we can’t live without. We’d like you to join as well and you can do so by following the hashtag #ReadKidsClassics. This month, I choose the children’s classic tale; Heidi.

When I think back to my childhood, I remember the whole list of books I loved and the imaginings that went along with them. I remember playing Little House on the Prairie, Little Women and Heidi.


Out of all the book adventures my family has done, this is the book we have jumped into the most. Not only is it one of the most frequented jumps, but it holds a place in my heart because it is the first book jump for my little family. It is the book that has connected several generations.

Set in the beautiful Alpine mountains of Switzerland, sporting stunning views, cows, goats, and some incredibly nurturing food. From the comfort of our chalet, we’ll start our Heidi adventures off with some really good food from Switzerland.


Here are some fun and interactive ways to bring this children’s classic to life:

Let’s explore food and cooking ideas inspired by Heidi. Included in today’s menu are:Download Great Swiss Foods from Heidi

Traditional cheese and meat fondues

Cheese Fondue

Swiss Chocolate Croissants

Zopf ( A Sunday Swiss Tradition)


Fun Heidi-inspired activities

The Alpine Sing-a-long Songbook

This little songbook is full of fun alpine sing alongs and a couple of yodels too.

Download The Alpine Sing


My daughters and friends could not have a Heidi Day without a fabric wrapped headband, and neither can you.

Download Ribbon Wrapped Headbands


To ensure those big, mountain steeps don’t find you off your footing, we’ve provided a little guide for finding the right walking stick.

Download The Walking Stick


Remember Heidi’s friend Clara? Why not make something for Heidi’s best friend in this great relay race called Something For Clara? We have saved the best for last and that would be Hul Gul.  Enjoy your day of Alpine games.

Download Heidi Games


What makes Heidi one of your favorite children’s classics?

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