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Getting Ready for World Dragon Day!

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World Dragon Day 2016 is this Saturday the 15th of October!


People around the world will be coming together to celebrate Dragons in all their awesomeness!! Find out about the events and people in these pages – and connect with other people who love Dragons.

The Dragon Energies are helping us to discover co-creative skills to help us solve our human problems. They teach us to transform and cleanse old negative energy patterns to make way for the new inspirational energies now available. Their goal is to strengthen and expand our perception of the interconnection of all living things on the planet. The Dragons lead us to improve communication and mutual understanding, allowing us to reach peaceful solutions where everyone is a winner. World Dragon Day

So why are Dragons here?

The answer to that question varies from person to person and even country to country. My personal belief is that Dragons are here to be our friends. How do I know? Well, as a child my brother and I had a Dragon friend for two whole summers in Gotland, Sweden! Here’s what I learned about Dragons.

Dragon Facts:

Dragons love BOOKs!


Check out my #DragonsAreReal Dragon Booklist for Middle Readers


And a Dragon Booklist for Beginning Readers!


Dragons love to PLAY!

How about a Dragon-filled activity time just for kids? Grab my Dragons Are Real Activity Guide that inspires Screen Free Time HERE. (it’s FREE!)


Dragons love music and love to sing!

Check out this beautiful, spine-tingling Dragon song which was recorded in a special version for World Dragon Day by the wonderful Gabriella Songbird! Great Gratitude and Love to Gabriella for giving this gift to people around the world – and to the Dragons,who are indeed returning!

My book Dragons Are Real is a children’s picture book that has received many glowing reviews including one (plus a star!) from Kirkus Reviews. Kirkus even included Dragons Are Real as a featured book in their July Magazine. You can find deeper details about Dragons here and also here.


 Dragons Are REal
To everyone who helped make this book not only a huge success, but let the story of Dragons among us be told, THANK YOU!

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