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Giving previously-loved kids books a new home: Book or Treat

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About five years ago, I started a revolution…..well…something I hope will be a revolution anyway 😉

It started when I was driving and saw a box of children’s books someone had put out for Curb Day. Curb Day is when residents of my area put unwanted items that are free for the taking curbside. Unable to resist I stopped and asked the homeowner if I could take them. The owner wholeheartedly said “go for it!” and the box of children’s books were soon safely tucked in my trunk.

On the way home I was thinking of what to do with these books. Who or what organization could I give them to? That’s when I saw the huge pumpkin sitting on my neighbors porch, and that got me thinking about Halloween.

Too bad they don’t give out books instead of candy,” I thought to myself.

And that’s when it hit me. We could do both!! We could give out books and candy!

Hence the birth of what is now known as Book-or-Treat.

Book or Treat

Book-or-Treat in Three Easy Steps:

  • Book-or-Treat is a time to clean out your bookshelves.
  • Place all the children’s books you don’t want into a box or basket.
  • When Halloween night arrives, let the trick-or-treaters pick out a book and some candy.

It’s just that EASY. Take a few minutes and watch this very special Book or Treat video.

Other versions of Book-or-Treat are:

  •     Have a costume book swap party. Have everyone come in costume with a bunch of books they’ve read and no longer want. Place them on the dining-room table. Let the kids wander around the table and pick a book and then out through the kitchen to pick up a treat bag.
  •     Have a neighborhood version of Book-or-Treat. Please feel free to use our Book or Treat 8.5×10 print (details below). Tape the posters to the outside of the mailboxes. Kids know that they will be able to pick a book and get some treats. Many parents pull wagons behind them to carry all the books.

At the end of the evening, any books we do have left over from our Book or Treat are donated to the Friends of the Library Book Sale.

I would LOVE it if you joined us in this movement to give your previously loved books to hopeful little goblins and princesses on Halloween. Join is in promoting some reading fun by giving away a book along with some sweet treats. Sign up below for access to your own Book or Treat Poster and Community Guide!


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