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October #ReadKidsClassics: The Midnight Farm by Reeve Lindberg

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Welcome to my October installment of the Read Kid’s Classics Challenge!

I’m so glad you’re here and I can hardly wait to see what you’re reading as well. As many of you already know, I am a huge fan of children’s classics and over the years my family has actively read old classics and discovered new ones. In 2016 one of my many goals is to discover even more classics and share them with you, my valued readers.

So from now on, every month during my Read Kids Classic Challenge, I am going to present one classic that I simply can’t live without! This month I want to share a sweet book called The Midnight Farm.


“Here is the dark when day is done,

  Here is the dark with no moon or sun,

  Here is the dark when all lights are out,

  Here is the heart of the dark.”

  (From “The Midnight Farm)

 Read Kids Classics

This very sweet and tender book was written by Reeve Lindbergh, daughter of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Here daughter use to be afraid of the dark and Reeve would tell her what was happening around their farm at night.

Read Kids Classics

She hoped by describing their animals at night in a warm and cozy way it would make the darkness of nighttime less frightening. This book is beautifully illustrated by the very talented Susan Jeffers. Each page has a captivating painting to go along with the enchanting words.


Something To Do:

Needed: Paper,pen or pencil, and a flashlight.

It’s time to take a night tour. As you say good-bye to the day and before you get ready for bed, grab your reading partner and take a nighttime tour of your house.

  • What do you see?
  • How is your house different at night?
  • What are the sounds of your house at night? Do you hear different things?
  • what are the people in your house doing?
  • Does furniture and favorite toys look different?

It’s time to grab that flashlight because it’s time for the outside tour?

  • What is your yard like/
  • What are the birds in the tress doing?
  • What are the squirrels doing at night?
  • Are there any night animals out that you can see?
  • do you live in a neighborhood? What are your neighbors doing
  • do you live in a city? A farm? On a mountain? By the sea? Near a railroad track? by a bus stop?
  • What do you see at night?

Something to do Part II

For each item that you wrote down on your piece of paper, let’s draw a picture. Oh…did I mention that we will be drawing on black paper?  It doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be a reminder to you of your Night-Tour. More importantly, since we will be drawing on black paper that means we get to use the white crayon in our crayon boxes. Isn’t that exciting? You can use all the colors in your crayon box except black.

You can also gather some bits and pieces of memorabilia from your nighttime adventures and use them for our next project as well. Once you are finished with your drawings we are going to make a book out of them. Have you heard the term “Junk Journaling?” If you haven’t, look it up on Pinterest-it is very fun! Junk Journaling the making of a fun, creative, chunky and colorful journal that is filled with more than just pages.

junk journaling

Creative genius Angela Blanchard had a great idea on creating a Junk Journal out of office product folders; the perfect solution for your Midnight Farm-theme pictures and treasures. Spend some time weaving your masterpieces together and creating a great talking piece that can be used again and again. Check out Angela’s easy tutorial on YouTube and have fun!

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