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Whose Shadow Do I See? A sweet picture book by Rosalind Bunn

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{Guest Post from Hannah Rials}

Recently I had the chance to not only read, Whose Shadow Do I See By Rosalind Bunn (Illustrated by Mark Braught), I was able to meet the author as well!

Falling asleep is hard. There are noises and shadows. What animals and monsters are waiting for little boys and girls at bedtime? This particular little boy is have an extraordinarily hard time falling asleep. His papa tucks him in, and every time he turns to leave, the boy catches a new shadow creeping up his wall. But every shadow he sees can be explained as the tree branch, or the teddy bear, or the little boy’s pet cat. Now it’s time to quiet his mind, lie down, and fall fast asleep.

Whose Shadow Do I see? by Rosalind Bunn is the perfect bedtime story for difficult sleepers or kids with some wonderfully overactive imaginations. Calm your children’s fears and quiet their minds with this charming story and beautiful illustrations!
Rosalind Bunn
Grab your copy of this wonderful picture book for kids here and here are some fun ways to bring the book to life:
Something To Do
1.     Bedtime Puppet Show:
If your kids are prone to seeing shadows at bedtime like this little boy, try a shadow puppet show. They’re the ones creating the shadows. Act out each shadow the little boy in the book sees with your hands. It’s also a test of creativity!
2.     Bedtime Yoga
We all have seen how popular yoga has become! But bedtime is a great way to calm your mind before bed. Check out this Kid’s Yoga bedtime routine for a restful night of sleep!
bedtime yoga
3.     Create monster spray!
I remember having this stuff as a kid—the magic liquid my parents sprayed in corners, closets, and under the bed. Create your own easy-peasy-lemon-squeezey. What You’ll need:
            -A spray bottle
            -A few drops of lavender or whatever relaxing scent you prefer
 Let Your Scribbles be Enough also has a fun spin on creating Monster Spray!
Monster Spray
My Interview with Rosalind Bunn:
Rosalind Bunn

Q:What is your favorite publishing memory?

Roselind: My favorite would have to be when my first title was published, “Sophie May and the Shoe Untying Fairy.” It didn’t seem “real,” if that makes sense. But each is exciting-even with my 5th coming out soon.

Q: Why did you choose to write children’s books?

Rosalind: I have always loved children’s books. I have fond memories of the children’s section of the library growing up. I think my daughters were ” dragged” to all sorts of signings as kids. Of course, they now have books signed by J.K. Rowling, R.L. Stine, Jan Brett-the list goes on…

**Let’s just take a moment to gawk and be jealous**

Q: Did you ever have trouble sleeping as a child?

Rosalind:Not that I remember, but my Mom may remember things differently!

Q: What writing rules would you either like to banish or promote?

Rosalind: There are rules??

(I Love this response)

Q:What is your favorite children’s book?

Rosalind: There are so many…I love “Where The Wild Things Are,” “Room On the Broom,” and any Nancy Tillman book—they are beautiful.


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