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4 Fun Chronicle Books for Kids with an Emphasis on SNOW

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 4 Fun Chronicle Books for Kids with an Emphasis on SNOW

So as the frost begins to form gorgeous patterns on the window of my study, and the fluffy whiteness of winter begins to flitter down from the sky, I think it’s time to share some fun and chilly Chronicle Books for Kids with an Emphasis on SNOW. Enjoy!

First Snow by Bomi Park (Chronicle Books): There’s something magical about the first snow fall of the year. This little girl is woken by the pat pat pat of the first snowflakes on her window. She’s drawn outside by the magic white flakes and starts rolling her first snowman of the year, followed by her puppy friend. The longer she rolls her snow ball, the farther she gets into the forest. Then she comes upon an entire field of children making snowmen. It’s the magic of the first snow!

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Bomi Park has created a fantastical, beautiful, dream-like book that follows this little girl through her snow adventure. It’ll be a great help in putting little ones to bed with dreams of snow and whimsy!

Bunny Slopes by Claudia Rueda (Chronicle Books):This bunny needs a little bit of help getting his ski day off to a great start. First, to help the snow fall, you have to shake the book. I mean, literally, if you don’t shake the book, snow won’t fall, and bunny won’t be able to ski. Then, he needs a bit of a push. He needs speed to jump over the hill. But sometimes, speed isn’t enough, and Bunny will end up slipping right back into his own rabbit den, where a nice hot cup of cocoa is waiting for him.

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Claudia Rueda has created a wonderfully fun interactive book in which the readers are helping the story to progress. Bunny needs your help to ski, so you actually have to shake the book for the snow to come and tilt the book to get bunny moving. This is so inventive, even I played along!
When Santa delivers presents through a window instead of through the chimney, he doesn’t seem to quite get the whole picture of who he’s leaving presents for. What he thinks is a house of zebras is actually long-necked swans sleeping in the dark. When everyone wakes up and the presents don’t match them, kindness is shown by sharing and exchanging gifts–Santa helps everyone to get into the spirit of Christmas!
AND, how could you resist the Merry Makers Bunny Slope Plush! This was simply too cute to NOT share!

Presents Through the Window: A Taro Gomi Christmas Book (Chronicle Books)

Gomi uses unique cut outs to show Santa’s view through the window, then on the reverse, how well he is able to see from outside. The story is unusual but cute, and a different spin on the traditional tale of Santa Claus coming to town.

“Pink suit. Moustache. Helicopter. This may not be your ordinary Santa, but it’s still a daunting Christmas Eve challenge! There are so many presents to deliver, and so little time. It’s a good thing Santa has a plan. He’ll just peek into every window and toss in a gift. Done! The trouble is, Santa is moving much too quickly to see who really lives in each house. With interactive cut-outs throughout, readers will delight in following Santa’s lightning-speed Christmas antics as they discover the true (and hilarious) identities of the gifts’ recipients! From the beloved and bestselling Taro Gomi, here is Christmas cheer for all!”Amazon

Cozy Classics: The Nutcracker as told by Jack and Holman Wang: The Wangs capture the essence of each piece of the famous Nutcracker ballet in one word segments. Read the word then allow your child to be pulled into the world with the image on the next page. Of course, the next step is to go see the Nutcracker ballet live and experience it with the music. This is a great introduction to the beautiful Christmas story!

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Something Snowy To Do
If you want to go all out this Christmas with a new outside decoration, try your hand at building a 7 foot Nutcracker out of flower pots! Check it out here:
Each and every snowflake is unique. Add your own unique snowflake to your home with this activity from Chaos and Clutter!
You don’t need snow to make a snowman when you have this super cook Shivery Snow Paint Recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose!
Make this book even more interactive by creating a bunny finger puppet!
After an afternoon of playing with your handmade snow, settle in for a nice cup of warm hot cocoa like Bunny did. Here’s the BEST hot cocoa!
And never forget the reason for the season…actually….the giving spirit is something that needs to be cultivating all year long. Happy Holidays!

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Here’s something else that is near-and-dear to my heart because my parents were from Sweden. Every December 13th, we continue a long family tradition of celebrating St. Lucia. In the darkest hours of the morning a young girl with a wreath of candles on her head brings hope, warmth and light to the darkest, coldest time of the year. I have taken all of our favorite recipes, activities and books that celebrate this event, along with the history of Santa Lucia as well, and created a very special color pdf for the holiday season.

The Celebrating a Santa Lucia Christmas pdf guide is my gift to you and simply click the image below to enjoy these fun family-friendly activities. Click this link or click the image below to grab your copy and create some new traditions in your own family! Thank you!

Celebrating a Santa Lucia Christmas

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