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51 Things to Make (out of egg carton, cardboard tubes and more!)

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If I’m being really honest….by the end of this post you’ll have 204 things to make from items lying around the house such as paper plates, egg cartons, cardboard boxes and cardboard tubes.

Fiona Hayes has so may creative ideas filling the pages of these books. They are an invitation to create new worlds, take an adventure of your own making, or even tame things on the wild side.

Each book contains 51 activities to make fun animals and objects out of everyday items.

Each activity is clearly photographed and vividly illustrated in an appealing and colorful style. Included are easy to follow step by step instructions.

This book series lends itself wonderfully to young readers and the act of reading and following instructions. It’s a great way to teach reading comprehension via directions which have a step by step format and need immediate follow through .

One of the great things about the Craft Makes series is that it provides fascinating facts about recycling in the home as well as hints and clever tips to aid in the construction of these crafts. The crafts are perfect for ages 6-9 .


51 Things to Make with Paper Plates transforms unused paper plates into angels, rabbits, flying saucers, fun animal masks, puppets, necklaces and much more.

51 things

51 Things to Make with Egg Cartons creates a menagerie of fun and interactive animals, trucks, cars, and jewelry. Very colorful and much to entertain oneself with.

51 things

51 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes from spotty snakes and snappy crocodiles, to rockets and tractors, getting crafty with toilet paper and paper towel tubes has never been so fun.

51 Things

51 Things to Make with Cardboard Boxes Personally one of our favorites, what is it about cardboard boxes and all the possibilities they conjure up? This craft book gives ideas to those possibilities by transforming boxes into monsters, robots, pirates ships, and much more.

51 things

Why not match recyclables with an afternoon of creative play? There are so many ideas and possibilities with this series. A win for everyone.


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