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Putting a New Spin on Old Kids’ Classic Stories #ReadKidsClassics

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{Guest post by Hannah Rials}

Putting a New Spin on Old Kids' Classic Stories

I recently saw a graphic on Multicultural Children’s Book Day’s site that should children’s book predictions from powerhouse Scholastic for 2017.


The fact that Scholastic’s predictions (#5) that “the classics will return and be reinvented” ties beautifully into what I am going to share today!

The following is just that; old classics reinvented into fun new books and adventures for kids. Enjoy!

Wolf Tales: Read and Play Puppet Theater


This is an adorable, brilliant new idea that brings story telling to a fun, interactive level. In this package, you have three stories, all centered around the famous big bad wolf, as well as a stage, props, and different scenes to interchange.
The book tells the three stories of Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, and The Three Little Pigs. At the end of each story is a breakdown of how you can frame each scene and what props and back drop you should use when.
I absolutely love this new, interactive book that can get everyone in the family involved. One person read, one be in charge of backdrop, and split up the characters. I wish I’d had something like this as a child!

Cozy Classics: The Nutcracker as told by Jack and Holman Wang


The Wangs capture the essence of each piece of the famous Nutcracker ballet in one word segments. Read the word then allow your child to be pulled into the world with the image on the next page. Of course, the next step is to go see the Nutcracker ballet live and experience it with the music. This is a great introduction to the beautiful Christmas story!
The Cozy Classics series is the brainchild of two brothers, both dads, who were thinking of ways to teach words to their very young children. They hit upon the idea of “the classics” as the basis for their infant primers, and the rest as they say, is history.

classics 1

Every book in the series is condensed into twelve child-friendly words accompanied by a beautifully hand-felted illustration, which accurately and humorously summarize each books plot.

I think this is where I need to mention that we aren’t talking about “kids classics” but adult classics turned into baby board books. They are simply delightful, captivating, and magnificently retell these age old classics.

Just released are Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Moby Dick by Herman Melville, War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy, and Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.

I know what you’re thinking because I was thinking it too… do you adapt these books for babies or small toddlers ? Well they do it very well I might add. These incredible and inventive books aren’t just for babies. They are good and great for all ages.

I love the whale from Moby Dick !!!


And let’s not forget the ship that said whale is going to attack.


Of course things can get muddy in Pride & Prejudice.


Love the one for Read! It’s perfect.


This series is exclusively published by Chronicle Books. They will be adding two new Cozy Classics each year and will re-issue 3 more Cozy Classics with a new design. We can expect The Nutcracker (New), Huckleberry Fin, Emma, and Les Miserables in the Fall.

The Little Red Hen by Mary Finch
The Little Red Hen
The lazy rooster and mischievous mouse can’t be bothered to help the Little Red Hen tend her ear of wheat. They can’t be bothered to help her take it to the miller either, or bake it into bread. But when her loaf of warm, fragrant bread is ready, the Little Red Hen is not at all inclined to share it with them. The rooster and the mouse soon mend their ways!-Amazon

The Christmas Horse and the Three Wise Men by Isabelle Brent

This is the part of the Christmas story that isn’t told. We all know about Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, and the hardships they face. But Isabelle Brent now tells the story of the Three Wise Men from Safanad the horse’s perspective. He describes the confusion, the rough journey filled with perils, and the fated miracle that they witnessed.
Not only does this story portray another facet of the story of Christmas, but it shows the different races of the wisemen, creating an accurate, multicultural air to this classic story. The illustrations are beautiful, clear, dreamy, and it is so interesting to hear the story from an animal’s perspective.
Something(s) To Do: All of these wonderful classic-inspired books also inspired their own set of book-related activities. Enjoy!
If you want to go all out this Christmas with a new outside decoration, try your hand at building a 7 foot Nutcracker out of flower pots!
The Sugar Plum Fairy would absolutely love these Sugar Plum Shortbread Cookies:
Once you and your kids know the story of the Nutcracker by heart, you can make these Nutcracker Popsicle Stick Puppets to act it out yourself. Download the music and put on a ballet with your puppets!
Lean how to make edible gold, frankincense, and myrhh HERE.
Learn the meaning behind the three gifts:
      1. Gold – the royal metal that signifies Jesus’s kingship
      2. Frankincense – a symbol of prayer, showing Jesus’s relationship as mediator between God and man
      3. Myrhh – a burial ointment, symbolizing that Jesus would die for man’s salvation

If you are feeling inspired by Moby Dick, learn a bit more about whales by Listening To Music Inspired by the WhalesAs we create a play list of whales and about whales we simply have to start with A Symphony of Whales author Steve Schuch who is also a violinist and composer. On his website he has this link which has him playing violin with the whales. It’s perfect to have playing while reading A Symphony of Whales.



Other additions to our playlist include:

  • Songs of the Humpback Whales by Roger Payne
  • Whales Alive by Paul Winter/Paul Halley
  • Whale Music by David Rothenberg
  • “And God Created Great Whales” by Alan Hovhaness
  • The Whale by John Tavener
  • Ocean by Kenny Larkin Flute Music with Humpback Whale Songs

Charles Dickens was the author of Great Expectation and what an interest man he was! Learn more about this great poet and author with Embark on the Journey’s Christmas Carol Learning Pack.


Create own Your Little Red Hen (Using a Red Solo Cup) using the instructions from River’s Edge Curriculum
red hen craft

Happy New Year!

I was given a copy of this book for this for review. The opinions expressed are purely my own.

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