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Weekend Links: Why Reading Aloud Matters

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Welcome to Weekend Links! This is the time where I share the best-of-the-best of all of all the amazing booklists, topics and resources that I have discovered via my Internet travels throughout the week.

This last week I’ve noticed that the topic of reading aloud to kids is a hot one.

Maybe it’s because World Read Aloud Day is coming up (Feb 16th)

World Read Aloud Day

Or maybe because Scholastic was kind enough to let me repost and share their Kids & Family Reading Report, 6th edition, on JIAB and much of this new report spoke of the importance of reading out loud to kids.

This year, key findings include the growth of reading aloud to young children, inequities around access to books, a look at diversity in children’s books, and a focus on reading attitudes and behaviors of African-American and Hispanic families as well as parents’ list of books/series every child should read, kids’ favorite books, and summer reading. To read and access the full report go HERE or click the image below.

Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report

Bottom line; reading at any age is soooo important. I recently found some great articles that reinforce this fact so I will post them here for you to read and enjoy:

Why Keep Reading Aloud in the 5th Grade? Monique at Living Life and Learning offers up a great perspective.
Reading Aloud

@NerdyBookClub Parenting, Bonding, and Reading Aloud by Jenny Houlroyd

@NerdyBookClub Reading Aloud by Debbie Shoulders

TOP TEN Read-Aloud Books for Students with Special Needs by Aimee Owens

Slow Reading Family Style by…ME!

reading aloud

Read Aloud to Ignite a World of Possibility at Huffington Post


Here are some booklist ideas as well

You Clever Monkey’s

Why Reading Aloud Matters

Intentional Homeschooling has 13 Read Aloud Books for Grade One.

50 Memorable Read-Aloud Books for Kids from KCEdventures

Do you read aloud in your family? Which books are the best for reading aloud?

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