Writing Tips and Resources for Kids and Budding Authors

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Young authors publishing books is becoming more and more frequent these days and it makes me VERY happy to see this. Jump Into a Book/Audrey Press’ own intern, Hannah Rials is a great example of this accomplishment. Hannah was actually 12 years old when she first started penning her YA thriller, Ascension, and achieved her dream of publishing at age 20.

Hannah Rials

Other notable young authors include (and I know there are many, many more!)
Marley Dias

Marley Dias

Erik Weibel

Olivia Bouler

Olivia's Birds
Tori Nighthawk

Tori Nighthawk

Justin Muller

Justin Mueller

Do you know of a budding author? Perhaps in your home or classroom? If so, lucky for you (and said young author) there are many wonderful tools and sites to encourage their writing skills.

4 Tips to Help Your Reluctant Writer – Homeschool Your Boys via @Homeschoolbys

Home page

Read Write Think

Read Write Think is one of the most popular websites to practice writing skills.  This website has both informative and interactive elements.  Children can learn about the various aspects of writing by reading the lessons provided.  They can then put what they have learned into action by using the interactive resources like the build a comic creator, creating a timeline, and the Printing Press which helps students to make various documents like brochures and letters.


BBC Bite Size:  Writing

The BBC Bite Size site has educational resources for younger children in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, grammar, math, and science.  The writing component includes a game, a reading section, a video, and a quiz.  Topics include persuasive writing, writing letters, newspapers, and reports, and how to write and follow instructions.  The four components under each topic provide children with an online lesson into the various types of writing in a fun and interactive manner.


Mr. Nussbaum’s 1,000 Sites in 1

Mr. Nussbaum’s 1,000 Sites in 1 provides annotated image links to appropriate learning websites for children.  They are broken down by subjects and topics like science, math, reading, and games, creativity, and apps.  This teacher created site provides links to language arts sites on various topics including spelling, comprehension, nouns, pronouns, and commas.  However, the best part of this is the games that are created specifically for this site.  Under language arts games, there are games ranging from learning spelling, proper use of semicolons, digraphs, and sentence structure.



Check out Brighty’s list of the Top Sites for Teen Writers

top sites for teen writers

Here are some other resources:

Ten Tips for Young Authors

If you are the parent or teacher of a budding author, encourage them! Encourage them to write, talk to other writers, enter competitions, take courses and do what they need to do to hone their craft. Show them the process of writing, editing, illustration and book production or connect them to someone who can.

The world needs more young authors!

If you know of an author between the ages of 12 and 20, please let me know! Maybe we can do a “Part 2” to this post and shine the spotlight on their books!

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