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Picture Books and Activities that encourage Rainy Day Play

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{Guest post by Hannah Rials}

The kids are home and it’s raining. You know what comes next, right?

“I’m bored!!!”

“There’s nothing to do!”


Yes, I know you know what I’m talking about. They can’t go outside because it’s too soggy out there and you really don’t want them sitting like zombies in front of the electronic babysitter for hours, or playing video games till their gray matter starts to have the consistency of Swiss Cheese. You’re a good parent, a responsible parent. You know that by stimulating their little minds and encouraging their natural creativity is a great alternative.

Books and reading are always a wonderful go-to for parents but unfortunately our little darlings don’t always agree. BUT, what if the books they read are full of fun projects to make their gray bright! Here are some recent books that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing and these would be great recommends for parents of littles:

Just Imagine and Play books

Imagine and Play Books

On the Site: Activity Book  is such exciting book with tons of fun activities to learn about a construction site. Not only do we have activities inside the books, but stand up characters and stickers are included, as well as a board game, and a sticker page.
You can spend hours upon hours exercising your mind with puzzles, games, and mazes. So get started now!

Find Your Way books by Paul Boston

Under the Sea is an interactive book journey traveling through the ocean to the Merp’s castle! Along the way, you will learn about mapping skills as well as practice some math. Find the pearls, burgers, and shark teeth that are needed at the castle, but remember that there will always be roadblocks.
Find Your Way Books
In the Jungle is another interactive traveling book, but this time, we explore the exciting areas of the jungle! We have to find red feathers, blue bananas, and yellow kazoos. But don’t forget to be a kind driver as you’re going along and help lost travelers to find their way.
Underground: Choose your mode of transport and set off on an adventure that will take you all the way across the underground. Can you navigate huge roundabouts with sleeping dragons, or cross bridges guarded by Anteaters? Negotiate pesky road obstructions by solving the math problems correctly.

Something to Do

1. Here are a ton of map activities to make your map skills even better at Imagination Soup!
map making games
2. Ever want to try Octopus before? Well, me either. But here’s an octopus shaped pizza so you can say you did!
Octopie Pizza

Stuck on Fun by Jannie Ho

Since this is an activity book, I can’t talk to you about the story, but oh my goodness is this an adorable interactive book. The cover uses fantastic colors that are whimsical, and the characters on the cover are charming.
After instructing young crafters on how to use this book, they are just allowed to run rampant with the extensive collection of stickers, punch out characters, and stencils. We are encouraged to embellish our creations with markers and glue, so obviously, I pass along the encouragement.
Children are going to love this activity book with all it’s many possibilities. No additional activities are needed. All the fun you could have is right here!

Fun with Stitchables: Easy Patterns to cross-stitch and sew by Suzy Ultman

Another fun activity book with unique characters. Learn to cross stitch and sew, two skills that I have never mastered. Here is a wonderful introduction to these fun crafts with 36 punch-out templates for your learning pleasure! I would’ve loved having this as a kid, and maybe by now, I’d be a sewing master right now!
Enjoy this other charming activity book–a great way to spend a rainy afternoon!

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