Weekend Links: Get Inspired with these #kidlit Summer Reading Recommends

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If it hasn’t already, the school year is nearly over here in the States and summer is upon us. Wondering what to do with the kids over the summer break? The first answer I would give is to get outside, explore, travel and spend quality time together! But another thing that is always on parents minds is the dreaded “summer slide” where kids backslide on reading habits. The following is a group of different booklists that will give parents resources and “ammo” for providing interesting, fun and inspiring books to keep their kids in step with healthy reading habits.

A few years back we visited the Redwood Forest in Northern California and were so inspired by these incredible trees. They are the oldest, tallest trees on the planet. Some of them are 1000 years old. It’s been a huge challenge to save these glorious trees from the blade of the lumber companies. Muir woods it a save haven for the redwoods. It’s our hope that our Great Redwood Tree booklist will inspire you as well to make a trip to visit these ancient giants and become active in saving them for future generations.

redwood forest booklist

Around the World in 30 Books — A Trip Across the Globe – Inspire Creativity, Reduce Chaos & Encourage Learning with Kids

Arpimd the world in 30 books

14 Diversity Graphic Novels for Middle Reader Girls from Franticmommy

Wonderful Diversity Mysteries for Ages 8-18 at pragmaticmom


99 Muslim Children Books #30DaysRamadan at A Crafty Arab

muslim childrens books

World Travel From Your Couch!

22 Books about New York-A New York City #BookList for Kids

nyc collage
Japanese Traditions: A Year of Seasonal Japanese Festivities via @CCastleView

21 Multicultural Middle Grade Novels for Summer Reading  via @coloursofus

Exploring Singapore with Books, Food & Maps — Global Learning for Kids


Activity Builders

New Summer Book Releases that Kids Will go Crazy for!

New Summer Book Releases that Kids Will go Crazy for!

The Pirate Booklist : 32 Chapter Books about PIRATES!

pirate booklist

ALSO, would you like to create your own pirate-inspired fun for your family? For a limited time I am offering my 50+ Treasure Island Day Adventure Guide or FREE!

Boy dressed as a pirate

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School will soon be out and our youngsters will settle into a new summer routine of sleeping in and hopefully doing some exploring and discovering. With the hectic days of summer just beginning, oftentimes one of the first habit to go by the wayside is the habit of daily reading.

Reading is always an important part of our children’s lives no matter what time of year it is so I decided to wrap my knowledge of fun kidlit books and activities up with my experience as one of the co-founders of the very successful Multicultural Children’s Book Day and create a unique resource for parents who are looking for creative ways to keep their kids reading this summer. Reading is important, but so is helping our young readers learn about other cultures, religions and traditions through the pages of these books. Here are some great booklists and resources that I have created over the years at Jump Into a Book that will not only give parents and readers great ideas on diverse kids’ books, but fun activities related to books that will bring stories to life!
180 Multicultural Book Ideas for Summer Reading!
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