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Why book-related activities are important to children’s literacy

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We all know that encouraging our children to read is critical. There are countless studies, organizations and websites on that very subject.

We also know that reading out loud to our kids and having them read out loud to us is also very beneficial.

But how about the activities that are inspired by the books we and our children read? The activities we engage in called “companion activities” or “book extensions” that bring the story to life and help kids become more involved in the stories that they read?

Encourage the importance of collaborative play. When we weave play into the fabric of our everyday life, we open the door to transforming our relationships, our viewpoints, and perspectives on creating happiness, and the joy of innovating with our children.

As a children’s book author, blogger, book reviewer and mom, I write about experiencing the journey taking through the pages of our favorite children’s books. Through the process of experiencing and sharing our stories, our books and shared moments become a part of us, leading to creativity and collaborative problem-solving.

I write about taking books off the shelf, and stories off the pages.

book inspired play

I write about giving back whether through giveaways, book donations, gifts from publishers, or through book charities such as Multicultural Children’s Book Day.

Welcome to the wonderful world of jumping into books. I am so glad you are here.

Jump Into a Book

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Valuable Reading-inspired Activity Resources 

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