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Top Dog And Other Doggone Delightful Expressions by Carli Davidson

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(Guest post from Hannah Rials)
Top Dog and Other Doggone Delightful Expressions is a charming book of photography that not only shares pictures of ADORABLE dogs but also teaches/reminds us of those cute phrases that we all know and love. Plus, any dog lover will by dying to put the word “dog” into their everyday language as much as possible, and this sweet book is the way told to do that.
From the lens of expert animal photographer and New York Times bestselling author Carli Davidson, an adorable cast of canine characters star in this doggone delightful tribute to everyone’s favorite idioms, from “working like a dog” to “the dog days of summer.” These endearing and hilarious images are sure to make any animal enthusiast smile in “two shakes of a dog’s tail!”Amazon
As an added bonus, Davidson includes small personality profiles of all the dogs featured in her book, which I think just gives it that extra cuteness factor.
I mean, who doesn’t love learning about Laka the Pit Bull who “Knows all kinds of tricks and really excels at standing on her hind legs while giving a high five.” That’s definitely my kind of dog right there. I think dog high-fives are probably the best high-fives.
If you like Carli Davidson’s work, this is not her only fantastic book of photography. You can also check out Shake Dogs, Shake Cats, Shake Puppies, and Invincible, which is my personal favorite since I had a dog who used a wheel chair.
Something To Do:
Learn about Reading Therapy and Dogs: Did you know dogs are used to help kids read better? And kids reading books are used to make shelter dogs feel loved? The internet is filled with amazing stores of human/dog interaction that benefits young readers.
This article talks about how kids can practice reading to shelter dogs.
reading dogs
Friend and JIAB teammate, Becky Flansburg, took her daughter to read to Lulu The Reading Dog and both were touched by the experience.
reading dog
Reading dogs are also being used in Finland to help young readers flourish.

reading dogs

It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks! And here are some great hand signals that allow you to communicate with your lovable pup.
Does your dog have stinky breath? Here’s a great recipe for homemade doggie breath mints to freshen up the tongue that might slobber all over your face.
homemade dog treats
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